Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gamaliel Foundation Displays Its Double-Talk

Before I begin, I ask you to read the following articles written by my two Catholic Media Coaltion colleagues.  The topic is the Gamaliel Foundation, a progressive organization portraying itself as a "faith-based, community-organizing" outfit.  One of the writers, Stephanie Block, has done an enormous amount of research on these "community-organizing" groups.

Someone, presumably associated with the Gamaliel Foundation, has commented on the two "lesfemmes" posts.  I direct your attention now to the second of the four links above and ask that you study "Gamaliel's" comment carefully.  He starts off with a quote from the bishops in 1986, "No one may deny the right to organize without attacking human dignity itself." 

As I read the four articles, I saw no talk of denying anyone "the right to organize".  What the two authors did was merely make public some facts about Gamaliel that reasonable people would deem to be unsavory.  How does that "deny the right to organize"?

What Gamaliel attempted to do with this statement was to demonize the two authors by trying to ascribe to them malicious motives.  This is quite a common trick of progressives, an employment of the non-sequitur fallacy.  One example of this is found in pro-abortion talking points.  We want to eliminate the murder of babies, so they shriek that "we don't care if women die". 

However, I do suppose we bloggers and writers have denied Gamaliel and his/her bunch several things, to wit:
  • The ability to define the terms of conversation about such matters.
  • The ability to change definitions of words willy-nilly
  • The lack of scrutiny of their own shady sources of funds
  • The ability to insinuate progressive/liberal thinking into the Church without challenge
For these so-called "denials" I and my colleagues proclaim "MEA CULPA!

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