Friday, February 4, 2011

Live Action Stings Falls Church Planned Parenthood

Before I post the video, I point out that this Planned Parenthood is part and parcel of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan DC.  There are five locations, and three of them do the surgical abortions at present: Falls Church, Silver Spring MD (at Spring Street) and 16th and L Streets in DC (their main office).  So to my fellow Christians at these mills: this is our little Planned Parenthood - being shown as the predators that they are!

Click here if you can't see embedded video.  Oh, by the way at the 16:41:39 mark, notice the "NAF" decal in the window (lower left corner).  That of course stands for National Abortion Federation, and that decal is supposed to mean that the baby-butcher shop in questions meets impeccable standards - or at least so the myth went, until events of late (here and here) ave shown the NAF to be utterly corrupt by blood money.

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