Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Dissident Nun Rewarded By Obama

Remember a few days ago, when I reported the breathtaking naivte of Archbishop Dolan when he said of the Catholic Health Association and the USCCB "philosophically we're on the same page"?  Your Excellency, we all hope and pray that you're incorrect, because the leopard known as the Catholic Health Association is not changing its stripes - and makes no bones about it!

Last week Sister Carol Keehan reiterated her support for the Phoenix hospital that authorized the murder of a baby.  Sure, she paid some perfunctory lip service to Bishop Olmsted's authority, but golly gee, she had no idea those statements would be made public.  My!  Isn't it so, so difficult to remain two-faced when your statements are broadcast?  Well, push comes to shove and she comes down squarely on the side of baby-murder.

It now appears that another dissident nun now enjoys the good will of the Messiah Most Miserable for her assistance in passing the Obama Hell Scare bill.  This would be Sister Marlene Weisenbeck, who is the chair of the CHA's Sponsorship/Canon Law Committee (probably a lot more expert on the "sponsorship" than the "canon law" part - I digress again!).  She is also a former president of the Leadership Council of Women Religious.  The Messiah Most Miserable appointed her to his Council for Faith-Based Partnerships.  Why?  Because while she was president of the LCWR, she led them in their support of the Hell Bill.  So now in this plum appointment Weisenbeck has received her "30 pieces of silver".

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