Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Immediate Action Needed To Protect Marriage In Maryland

Let me just repost an alert from the American Family Association below.

Two identical bills - SB 116 and HB 55 - have been introduced in the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates, which will redefine the God-ordained institution of marriage of "one man and a woman."

Ironically named the "Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act," the two bills would strike from the existing marriage law the words "a man and a woman," and replace them with the words "two individuals who are not otherwise prohibited from marrying."

The bills also purport to protect "religious freedom" by allowing members of religious bodies to refuse to perform same-sex marriages - but only if and to the extent that such members already enjoy that right under the U.S. or Maryland Constitutions.

The bills would thus allow Maryland human rights agencies and judges to require a priest or pastor to perform such marriages, or to punish the refusal to do so, unless (s)he could establish an existing constitutional right to be free from that requirement - a showing that would likely require protracted, expensive litigation.

Because Governor Martin O'Malley has already indicated he would sign such a bill if it reaches his desk, it will be important to stop the legislation in the General Assembly.

Take Action.  Do your part to protect the institution of marriage in Maryland!

Email your Maryland Senator and Delegates now, asking them to vote against changing the definition of marriage in Maryland.

To find your particular representatives, click here.

A note to Montgomery County Residents/Voters:
In my last post I urged that the Montgomery County Council be voted out in 2014.  Today I received affirmation of my suggestion, particularly for Nancy Floreen.  She introduced today a resolution asking the Maryland legislature to legalize same-sex marriage.  Read her own blog post on the matter.  See how the moral rot has infested Montgomery County?  Isn't it high time that the cleaning/fumigation commence?

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