Sunday, September 2, 2012

John Carr Retiring From USCCB, Will Eventually Be At CUA

After more than 20 years at the helm of the USCCB's Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development, John Carr is retiring from that position.  I have written extensively on Carr and the mischief wrought (please read that link and all the posts included therein for a full picture of Carr).  Probably the most scandalous of harm done by Carr and the USCCB minions that he supervised (most notably the Catholic Campaign for Human Development) is the funneling of millions of Catholic donations to Alinskyan organizations over the past few decades, including the now-disgraced ACORN.

Carr's retirement was announced in yesterday's Washington Post.  As you read through this announcement, keep in mind the leftward tilt of the Post in general as it heavily influences the language you see in Boorstein's piece.  She opines that we Catholics are worried - worried sick I tell you - about who will replace him.  Why?  Because Carr is a "dying breed: a Catholic moderate with a foot firmly in both camps".  Got that?   I on the other hand have no worries at all.  How could any replacement for Carr be any worse, unless he were Karl Marx himself?

(An important "aside" about Washington Post terminology - What most realistic folks call "progressive" is what the Post calls "moderates".  The Post calls these realistic folks "right-wing extremists" or other such terminology.  Never, never will you see the term "left-wing radicals" in the Washington Post.  Now back to the main topic...)

The Post article is actually quite revealing, if you consider carefully the "usual gang of suspects" who sing Carr's praises.  Rabbi David Saperstein said he's "so used to John being our leader".  I've written before on Saperstein - the board member of People for the American Way.  Just how was Carr "leading" him?

John Gehring, with Faith in Public Life, moans, "“if John Carr hadn’t been there for the past 20 years, who knows what would have happened?”  Well, FPL might have been exposed much sooner as the Soros-funded bunch that bank-rolled that "nuns on the bus" tour.  Tom Peters of Catholic Vote did an excellent job of exposing Gehring's sham "katholyc advocacy" as did my CMC colleague, Stephanie Block.

Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners, thinks Carr is "trustworthy".  I guess Wallis should know a thing or two about that.  After he publicly lambasted James Dobson when the latter had the audacity to question the wisdom of voting for Obama, the Messiah Most Miserable himself believed Wallis was so "trustworthy" as to consider him a "spiritual adviser".  Dare I suggest that Wallis did a lousy job of so advising Obama?  Or was that his intention?

Not all the lefties were unreserved in their praises.  James Salt chided Carr for the bishops' focus on "issues of sexuality" rather than "faulty mortgages".  Still, he says that Carr issued "prophetic writings".  I can imagine that Salt was even more to the left of Carr, since the former did work to promote the political career of Kathleen Sebelius, a chief architect of the contraceptive mandate.

I wonder if they all were at that farewell dinner at Ruth Chris's Steak House?

Carr's future plans include spending the next college semester at Harvard University's School of Government.  Alas, he is returning to DC, though.  In fact, he will be found at Catholic University to "launch a program" at the CUA's Center on Catholic Social Teaching and Public Engagement; I gather that will be starting during the January 2012 term at CUA.  Please don't believe the blather in the Post; Carr will tilt that center considerably to the left.  That brings us to the next crucial question - in the next post.

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  1. The church needs faithful traditional catholics in places of authority and leadership.
    For too long the administration of the church has been left with liberals who no longer care about Our Lord and His Church, but prefer to change Her to retain respectability in a world that has gone mad.
    O Lord Deliver Us


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