Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Romney Responds To Attacks - What Do The Reporters Do?

This morning GOP candidate Mitt Romney held a press conference during which he voiced some well-said criticism of the Obama administration's handling of the situation - including the Cairo apology.  The full clip can be seen at Fox News.

Before Romney appeared, the reporters in attendance were, uh, chatting amongst themselves as it were.  In reality, they were coordinating questions that they would ask Romney later on.  However, some mikes were live and their contrivances were recorded for us all to hear, thanks to Newsbusters and RightScoop.  Such naughty little boys and girls!  Would they have been similarly conspiring against the Messiah Most Miserable if he were the one speaking?  I think we all know the answer to that; they'd be lobbing him softball questions, for they worship him as Dear Leader.  They might as well drop all pretenses of objective journalism.  Even if they don't, such pretenses are being stripped from them.  It's interesting to listen to this one first, and then to Romney's address (that's how the events occurred anyway.

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  1. Readers may want to check out the coverage and analysis at "National Review" online. For starters, Romney gets its support for calling out the President.


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