Friday, September 14, 2012

Catholic Bishops For Obama

John Sweeney - pals with
Cardinal McCarrick
I post below the jump-break two Vortex videos dealing with the dubious politics and squalid alliances of too many bishops (there are laudable exceptions but they are too few and far between).  As he talks, one cannot help but think of the horrible example set by Cardinal McCarrick.  Several times I've had occasion to picket events at where he was publicly rubbing elbows and chumming it up with notable pro-aborts: labor-boss John Sweeney, Ted Kennedy and of course Sister Carol Keehan.

With the second video I could not help but recall the disgraceful treatment that the Archdiocese of Washington (led by Cardinal Wuerl) meted out to Father Guarnizo when the latter obeyed Canon 915 in February 2012 at my church (see my Feb/March postings).  Is it any wonder that western civilization is heading towards hell in a handbasket?

To watch the videos

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