Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catholic Clergy Continue To Lick The Boots Of Pro-Abortion Politicians

There are two incidents that bear mentioning.  The one incident already happened in Boston.  The second is a local event scheduled for mid-June.  We might be able to prevent that second debacle.

Last week at its commencement ceremonies, Boston College, an ostensibly Catholic institute of higher learning, honored rabidly pro-abortion John Kerry.  Instead of rebuking the college and boycotting the scandal, Cardinal O'Malley joined in the boot-licking.  Boston Catholic Insider has more details, with pictures of the detestable schmoozing.  The article asks why the Cardinal boycotted Enda Kenney last year but not Kerry this year.  One of the commenters seemed to have the answer: " I had a feeling he’d do this, as he is now part of the pope’s “special staff” he must feel that rules don’t apply.  As for BC, it’s just another Jesuit school that seems to have a problem with the Magisterium of the Church.  In both cases, the Vatican will do nothing and the cardinal and the school know it."

My blogging colleague, An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic, alerted me to the second.  He refers to a fundraiser to be held for the San Miguel School Annual Scholarship Benefit on June 19th at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda.  My colleague holds a high opinion of the place.  In looking at the school website, I see the language "breaking the cycle of poverty".  It sounds lovely - but it's also Alinskyian language.

But the main problem is that a pro-abortion politician is being honored at that fundraiser: Muriel Bowser.  My colleague is right.  It only took me one search to learn that during one of her races she had the endorsement of Emily's List.  That right there should have alerted Msgr John Ensler and the others working with the fundraiser of her ineligibility to be honored at the fundraiser.

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  1. Cardinal Malley tells the same falsehood as Cardinal Nicols.The problem originated in Boston with Cardinal Richard Cushing.

    May 29, 2014
    Cardinal Nicols and FIUV are telling a falsehood. Why do rank and file Catholics have to accept it?


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