Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kumbaya To Archbishop Gregory

Note: the following is a parody - a work of fiction - that I'm using to illustrate a point that I'll explain at the end.  Please let no progressives pop a gasket when reading this.  Now let us begin..

In some seedy neighborhood within the Archdiocese of Atlanta, a group of thugs/terrorists/whatever were plotting to wreck mayhem by shooting up some Catholic Church within that archdiocese during a Sunday Mass.  They had just finalized their dastardly scheme when one of them glanced at a newspaper lying on a table.  He beheld the news that Archbishop Gregory has declared that Catholic property will remain "gun-free" in the wake of Georgia's law making it easier for licensed gun owners to take guns into venues previously prohibited.

With grave concern, he pointed this out to his accomplices in crime.  "We cannot do this!", he exclaimed.  "Our guns simply aren't permitted on Church property!  That's what the archbishop just said!"  His companions nodded in agreement and laid their shoot-em-up scheme aside.  Thus the archbishop saved the day!  Hip-hip, hooray!

End of parody

Ladies and gentlemen, must I spell out how ridiculous the story is?  It's ridiculous for the same exact reasons as is the Archbishop's insistence on "gun-free" churches.  Of course the Archbishop is within his right to govern what happens on Church property.  But does he really think any malevolent individual will give a rat's rump about his desire for a "gun-free" Church?  The only ones who will honor his request will be those who might have stopped a terrorist but who would be reduced to becoming the victims of terrorists.

Such is the convoluted thinking of progressives - lots of "kumbayas" and wishful, unrealistic thinking.

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  1. If a deranged gunman starts shooting up a parish church in Atlanta, I hope there's several folks in the congregation who will have ignored Abp. Gregory's foolish order not to pack heat. Gregory might be p.o.ed by a report that Smith&Wesson spoke that day, but the number of innocent lives saved should be his main concern, not some violation of his idiotic policy.


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