Monday, May 26, 2014

Pope Francis: "Muslims Worship..One True God"

I don't know how I missed that but yes the Holy Father did utter those words last year.  He uttered those words as part of an address he gave to an "ecumenical" address at the beginning of his papacy.  I now link to the English translation as found in Zenit.

Was he coached/directed by Cardinal McCarrick?  (FYI, that was a facetious question.) Recall that almost nine years ago His Eminence also disgraced his calling by invoking "allah" three times while addressing some Jordanian dignitaries.  Guess how many times he invoked Jesus Christ, the One True God, for whom he was ordained?  Zero-zip-nada!.  The text of the disgusting screed can be found here.

A Catholic Media Coalition colleage, Orlando Truth, wrote an excellent piece exposing the errors and perils of Islam.  I link to it here. I will also link to an article written by Joseph Farrah, explaining just why the Holy Father's (apparent) naivete regarding the nature of Islam will lead to incredible peril unless he opens his eyes quickly.   Would those in the Vatican who are reading this blog be so kind as to make sure His Holiness gets and reads copies of these immediately?  Thank you.

The Orlando Truth article, plus authentic Catholic teaching, make plain that "allah" and the One Triune God that we worship are not the same.  For all their many grievous faults and errors, even the Muslims understand that what they worship is not the God whom we worship; they don't accept (yet) that their "deity" is false.  Why will not our Church leaders acknowledge that "allah" is a false idol?  Are they so seduced by the siren calls of political correctness and the poisonous doctrines of the "church of nice"?

One line in that papal address is, "the Catholic Church is aware of the importance of promoting friendship and respect between men and women of different religious traditions."  That's nice; but are Church leaders aware of the even greater importance of bringing these men and women to the One True Faith?  That is their charge, since they are in Holy Orders.  However, I've reason to believe that proclamation of the Truth is the last thing on their minds as they serve their idols of "political correctness" and the "church of nice".

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  1. Muslim end times: Jesus (Isa Maseeh) has been waiting in heaven, where he was taken up alive (not killed on the Cross). When the Mahdi, who is the true messiah, appears on the earth, Isa descends to Damascus to be the deferential second in command to the Mahdi. Together they go about killing all the Christians (and Jews) who refuse to convert to Islam.

    That's pretty much compatible with Catholicism... in Francis' mind, at least.


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