Thursday, May 22, 2014

Welcomed House-Cleaning

Pope Francis excommunicated the heretic president of "We Are Church", Martha Heizer and her equally heretic husband Gert.  Among other things, both of them have simulated the celebration of Mass - itself a grave offence.  For that we are grateful and we pray for the repentance of the Heizers.

We also learned that Bishop Paprocki of Springfield Illinois excommunicated another "priestess-wannabee".  Her name is Mary F. Keldermans.  She went through a mock "ordinaton" for Roman Catholic Womynpriests Inc.  In doing so, she incurred an automatic excommunication, ratified by His Excellency.

Let us pray for these wayward women for they both have placed their souls in danger of hell.   Let us pray that more medicine of truth and discipline be administered to such souls before their eternal fates are sealed.

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