Monday, May 5, 2014

Cdl Muller Administers Much-Needed Truth To LCWR

A few days ago, Cardinal Gerhard Muller of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith administered some much-needed medicine to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  He did not sugar-coat it, he did not adulterate it with disgusting "nuance" and "diplomacy".  He served the truth straight up.  The question remains whether or not the LCWR will actually repent and remind themselves that they took religious vows to obey Holy Mother Church.

Here is the address on the CDF site.

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  1. Good morning! I just read in one of your links about the Apostate Nun Coalition (tenth crusade). I tried to comment in the article they gave a link to, but it sent me in circles. I suggested the following (which you may want to begin as well as other faithful bloggers) in order to support the Cardinal and his longed for action...

    Perhaps you could start an online petition and tweet fest or whatever they call it stating, "We stand with Cardinal Mueller" or something to that effect. I tried to comment and was sent in circles on their site. For those who know how and have the means, please begin the authentic Church coalition against the Apostate coalition.


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