Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Beware The Post-Synodal Exhortation

Two days ago I mentioned that the Post-Synodal Exhortation on Marriage would most likely be released.  That likelihood has now increased.  Edward Pentin has published an announcement by Cardinal Walter Kasper that the thing could indeed be released on Saturday March 19.  Kasper said that this document will be a "first step in a reform..after 1700 years", and that "we must not repeat past formulas and barricade ourselves behind the wall of exclusivism and clericalism".

My!  How the Church must have wallowed in despair and darkness, lo these past 1700 years, just pining for the "god of surprises"!

Kasper did get specific about allowing civilly remarried divorced Catholics - in other words, those living in adultery - to receive Holy Communion.  He gave lip-service to the "penitential period" crock, conveniently overlooking the critical detail that authentic penitence necessitates the cessation of sin and the occasions of such sin.  I've written quite a bit about Kasper in the past: enough to say that this announcement of his is quite typical for him.

Voice of the Family has put together quite a thorough analysis of this exhortation.  They warn of many dangers embedded in this exhortation.  In addition to adulterers being allowed to receive Holy Communion sacrilegiously, the Church's teachings on contraception are undermined, parental rights are undermined, etc.  I suggest that all read it and beware of what will soon be unleashed upon the Catholics in the pew.  Be prepared to shield yourselves from temptation and to assist your fellow Catholics through the confusion that this exhortation will foist on them.

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  1. Is this 'Exhortation' something that is 'From the Chair'? In other words 'binding' to Catholic practice coming from the 'Holy Father'? It sounds ominous, just the word 'Exhortation' sounds binding, and worrisome.


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