Monday, March 21, 2016

Courageous Priest Evicts Gay Group From His Parish

As I listened to the reading of the Passion this past Palm Sunday, I couldn't help but think that the examples of Judas and Barabbas are to be found too often in our Churches and hierarchy today.  We have the revolting public betrayal of Our Lord being done by Cardinal Dolan at the St Patrick's Day parade in New York a few days ago; by his affirmation of gays in their depravity, he is depriving them of the much-needed message of repentance to save their souls.   Similarly, in nearby Baltimore we have the ongoing scandal at St. Matthew's, seemingly being aided and abetted by Auxiliary Bishop Denis Madden.  Again, many souls are marching to their eternal damnation as their priests and bishops applaud them on their deadly march.

After seeing these scandals, I was delighted to hear of a priest who is actually caring for his flock.  Father Gordon Mann, pastor of St. Mary's parish in Evansville Indiana, told a gay group that they could no longer use parish facilities for their meetings.  The group calls themselves "Rainbow Catholics in Christ".  Like their LEAD counterparts in Baltimore, they shill for the normalization of gay perversions.  Father Mann did say they could remain IF they followed the models set forth by Courage/Encourage.  Sadly, the RCC folks want nothing of true grace and spiritual help.

As I read another account, it seems that the Diocese of Evansville is not entirely supportive of Father Mann's move to uphold the Faith in his parish.  I hope my take on that is incorrect.  Here is the contact information for the diocese.  Ask Bishop Charles Thompson to support Father Mann.  You may rest assured that the gay-nazis are making their displeasure known to the diocese.  We must counteract that.

Please spread the word.  Thank you.


  1. A G.K. Chesterton quote:

    "There are many ways to fall but only one way to stand."

    A quote from St. Athanasius who is the first Doctor of the Church and known as the Father of Orthodoxy "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops."

  2. Please pray for and continue to support Fr month the parish is hosting Jack Jezreel, founder of the Alinskyite "JustFaith" program that is bringing liberation theology into parishes via "Delphi" style meetings. (See expose of JustFaith at unamsanctamcatholicam blog) God help us and help Fr Mann reclaim his flock from the wolves. St Joseph St John Vianney St Michael Archangel pray for us!


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