Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Filth Continues to Ooze From The Archdiocese Of New York

Yesterday Church Militant released a video showing a panel discussion among members of Church Militant as they reveal more details regarding the corruption in the New York chancery.  I'll post it below.  Much of the mess seemed to be emanating from the New York vicar general, Msgr Mustaciolo.  Did you notice talk of him being groomed to be bishop of Metuchen?  Yes, that diocese!  Small world.  Well, we know that's not happening now.

Today Church Militant broke news of another of Mustaciolo's gay pals, Father Gary Mead, being promoted after he was caught by police in a sex sting a few years ago.  He's now director of a television outreach for the archdiocese  In his current situation, Mead has regular access to seminarians and children.  His arrest should have caused him to be defrocked but instead he is promoted?

Watch this and pass it along.  Also be alert to things that might be happening in your own locales.

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