Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Forget The "Tone"; Just Tell The Truth Unabashedly

Many of us are quite aware that because of political correctness, many of our so-called places of "higher learning" are nothing more than nursery schools for overgrown toddlers.  That point was driven home as we watched the spectacle at Emory University.  Slogans favorable to Donald Trump were written in chalk in various places, causing some delicate little snowflakes (laughingly calling themselves "students") to have emotional meltdowns.  Because they saw this hated slogan (careful!  I'm going to type it!  Brace yourselves!) "Trump 2016"  (deep breaths, now!), they grabbed their security blankets and headed to their "safe environments" where they could huddle together in fear while sucking their thumbs.

The Catholic Church is no stranger to this silliness.  Those of us who speak the truth have been reviled by others as being "mean spirited" and "negative", etc.  Note that we're rarely challenged on the substance of what we say, just how we say it.  I myself have received such vitriol and thus can attest to the truth of today's Vortex.  Because it's not in youtube format (at least not yet) I'll link to their page that has the video.

Regarding the flack that I've received, I've not been one to just meekly accept the bull-crap.  Certain individuals can attest to that.  Today's Vortex inspires me - and I hope many others - to rebuke the wimps/bullies who seek to silence us and to redouble our truth-telling.

Should Jesus have softened His "tone"?


  1. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!! I recall Bill O'Reilly recounting one of the nuns he was taught by in grade school calling him a 'bold fresh piece of humanity'. We need to be 'bold fresh pieces of Catholicity'.

  2. "Note that we're rarely challenged on the substance of what we say, just how we say it."

    I don't think it's HOW you say it that matters to "the offended."

    It's THAT you say it at all that causes the vitriol. In other words, just shut up, and all will be well, according to them.


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