Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mother Angelica Has Passed Away

The founder of the EWTN network passed away today, Easter Sunday.  I personally take it as a favorable sign that she has gone straight to heaven.  She suffered immensely during her last years, both in her illnesses and in the horrific way in which EWTN was wrested from her capable hands and deformed into a "church of nice" mouthpiece.  Both of these would at least have greatly reduced any time she might have needed in Purgatory.

We also know that Father Thomas Uzhunnalil was crucified by ISIS on Good Friday.  He died a martyr's death.

While we pray for the repose of the souls of both these witnesses for Christ and His Church, we can ask their intercession for the Church Militant that they have now left behind.  Eternal light grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.  May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace.

I post now a video in which Mother gave some progressives a much-needed rebuke.


  1. Theologians can argue about abstract [to the layman] understanding of Faith in Mother Church. But could the problem have been better enunciated by that demonstrated by Mother Angelica, may she rest in peace in the arms of The Lord.

  2. What a wonderful warrior for Christ in his TRUE Church she was!! She told Fr. Robert Bonnett (sp?) when he threatened the network: 'I'll blow the damn thing up before you get your hands on it!' May she rest in the peace of Christ. Dying on Easter Sunday!! HOW BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. RIP.

    O/T: I'm not seeing this on any Catholic blogs (or I've missed it). Remember the rumors about the Catholic priest that was captured by ISIS and was going to be killed on Good Friday? Apparently, it wasn't just a rumor and it did happen. Seems to be verified here:

  4. Awesome....planning to watch this with my kids tonight. Thank you!


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