Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Georgetown University To Host Cecile Richards In April

Georgetown University, a DC-based Jesuit university infamous for rejection and even hatred of its Catholic heritage and even of God Himself, will again play the whore this coming April.  The Lecture Fund at Georgetown will host Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

The Cardinal Newman Society has broken the news today.  The Lecture Fund has not yet disclosed an exact date and time or the topic of discussion.  Perhaps they recall when Kathleen Sebelius gave a commencement address there nearly four years ago, many of us were down there to raise loud protest.

Perhaps some are shocked, wondering how a Catholic institution could host the president of this nation's largest chain of baby-murderers, especially in light of the videos put forth by the Center for Medical Progress.  I'm not shocked; I've written about them many, many times.  I could list some of their offenses here, but even that list would be too long.

I will advise when I learn further details.


  1. Thank you! The letter to Cardinal McCarrick in 2004 from the link in your post is outstanding. Did you ever receive a response from the Cardinal or those cc'd on the letter? We're seeing similar things under our bishop - emails and personal visits have fallen on deaf ears. Your letter shows another avenue that I think is worth exploring. Any information you can provide on what, if any, follow-up resulted from your letter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and may God abundantly bless you and your apostolate.

  2. You are to be commended for bringing this outrage to our attention. This is an abomination. These same Jesuits would, no doubt, have invited Nazis and Soviets in the 30s and 40s...

    Why ever not? Planned Parenthood comes out of the fascist nightmarish world of red and black totalitarianism.

    But then, these are the same Jesuits that run and/or are associated with the evil "Jesuit Post" that host pro-homosexual writings of of soon to be ordained deacons. One such individual being the blaspheming, profane and vulgar Jason Welle S.J. I call upon all Catholics to do a internet search on this person and take action. Catholics need to expose, expose, expose these evil doers, these Judas bishops, priests and their lackeys.


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