Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cardinal Farrell's Second Error

In the latest online edition of the Catholic Standard, we see an article regarding the disagreement between Cardinal Kevin Farrell and Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia.  I wrote on this a few days ago; please review.  In the wake of Farrell's criticism of the guidelines that Chaput issued for his own diocese, Farrell betrayed a viewpoint that dissents from the Church's teachings on the indissolubility of marriage.  It is fair to say two things about Farrell's error: 1) it conforms to the apparent error of Pope Francis and 2) if this viewpoint is promulgated, many souls will be placed in danger of damnation owing to rotten council.

But Farrell's statements betray another error.  Since when do the bishops need to answer to some "bishops' conference" to "discuss these things"?  The local conferences have no canonical authority over individual bishops; each bishop answers only to God and the Holy Father.  Period.

So let Pope Francis take up any objections directly with Archbishop Chaput - if he dares.  As things stand now, Amoris Laetitia is being subject to scrutiny on account of the dubia issued by the four cardinals.  For now, Farrell may want to stick with the Church's ageless teachings.  They're ageless for they come from God Himself, who is not bound by time nor its changing fads.


  1. Time for another coup in the Vatican!

  2. Exactly: Bishops' Conferences and large C collegiality are constructs arising from the Vatican II thinking, coupled to use of the vernacular NOM, they are the basis for the creation of 'National (C)atholic Churches'. That in turn becomes the basis for Doctrine decided by synods a la Anglicanism and Methodism, et al - an ever changing faith. Each bishop shoud be his own man, not looking over his shoulder to see what the other guys are doing - at least not for the purpose of modifying his own position.


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