Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Carhart And Germantown Reproductive Health Services Sued For Botched Abortion

On January 19 I reported on yet another botched abortion that necessitated a woman being taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Operation Rescue reports that the woman has filed suit against both Carhart and Germantown Reproductive Health Services for the malpractice that left her disabled and probably unable to bear another child.  The OR report links to the court documents that list both Carhart and the abortuary as co-defendants.

Since Ms. Devine was injured at Carhart's hands, at least four other women suffered as well - three in Germantown.  That of course does not count the hundreds of babies who were torn to pieces at the hands of Carhart and his barbaric staff.  We pray that this suit brings this killing center to a screeching halt.

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