Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Glaring Evidence Shows The Need For The Dubia

If there are lingering doubts as to the necessity for clarification of the mess known as Amoris Laetitia (or as I call it, Amoralis Lamentia), let these facts show why the dubia must be taken seriously.

Today it was announced that Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego has ordered his priests to give Holy Communion to adulterous Catholics.  In other words, he is ordering his priests to commit mortal sins of sacrilege in offering Holy Communion to unrepentant adulterers AND to contribute to the mortal sin of sacrilege on the part of those who desperately need the medicine of repentance.  Of course no faithful priest can do that.  Such is the way that Amoralis Lamentia is emboldening those who care not one whit for the Sacraments of Matrimony, Eucharist and Penance.  Recall that one of the dubia questions deals with this very topic.  We pray for these priests as they are being put into a horrible position, that they have the courage to withstand the evil even as it emanates from their own bishop.  We pray even more who will acquiesce to this sinful suggestion with glee.

This same bishop also ordered his priests to welcome "LGBT families".  That phrase in quotes is an oxymoron.  Two same-sex adults in a perverted relationship can never constitute a true family.  No real "family" can exist in a situation based on mortal sin.  Again, McElroy is commanding his priests to validate sinful situations - something that no priest can ever do.

We see similar affirmation of mortal sin in the Archdiocese of New York.  Joseph Sciambra has details of a "retreat" being offered to those embroiled in perversion at St. Francis of Assisi parish.  Apparently that parish is quite a cesspool in that regard.  And let's not ever forget what happened in my own parish over four years ago when Father Marcel Guarnizo withheld Holy Communion from a flaming lesbian and was punished by Cardinal Wuerl for being a faithful priest.

So now one can see the confusion that Amoralis Lamentia is causing.  I believe this confusion is being intentionally created.  The progressives in the Vatican do not want to overtly state their intentions to junk the Traditions of Jesus Christ so they wish to do so by subterfuge. This is why so many of them hate the dubia-letter posted by the four cardinals; it is forcing the progressives to be up front about their goals, and they understandably find themselves threatened.

We saw the utter defensiveness of some a few days ago.  Today we saw a reaction from the Vatican that can only be called "lashing out in fear and guilt".  The Dean of the Roman Rota, Archbishop Pio Vito Pinto, actually threatened the four cardinals by saying that they could have their cardinalates stripped from them - for daring to ask for clarification.  Jeff Mirus of Catholic Culture also took note of the fear and guilt that seems to be all over Pinto.  Cardinal George Pell came to the defense of the four cardinals, wondering how anyone could actually disagree with a question.  He's right; by definition, a question is not a statement of fact or opinion so there's nothing in it with which one can disagree.  Will we soon hear that Pinto is drawing aim at Pell's cardinalate?

We must continue to pray.  Pray that the pope indeed does clarify AL to be in conformity with the timeless teachings of the Church.  But if he won't let us pray that the festering boil of heresy will come to a head so that it can be lanced and healed quickly.


  1. It does appear that our Dear Lord is calling everyone, clergy and laity alike (and clearly on an individual basis) to either "stand with Him or against Him" and stand publicly. We pray this time of persecution is short and swift.

  2. Bishops who are ordering their priests to commit this sin are following the age-old maxim of "establishing facts on the ground". They just do it so that it will be set in concrete, so to speak, and then create a "no going back" scenario. They are clever little SOBs.

  3. We've really got to stop this silly canard of 'clarification'....bergoglio's been very clear....VERY VERY clear; and just for good measure, he gave a final, definitive, public 'clarification' to the Argentinian bishops. Will it finally take his stripping, and molesting a goat on the altar?....heck, there'd still be cries of "well, maybe he's saying something about sacrifice; he needs to claaaaaaarify this!"

    Jeeeeeze....no more clarification calls!....he's been PLENTY clear from day one with his refusal to bless with the sign of the cross and in the Name of Jesus Christ, and he's just doubled and tripled-down with each passing month. If you need a reminder of the MANY and various ways he's been abundantly clear in his heresy and heterodoxy, make a visit here.....



    1. Thank you, susan, for the link. It will take a while to sort through - but a wealth of information.

  4. Communion-for-lesbians, Communion-for-adulterers, Communion-for-gay-couples, and Communion-for-Pelosi are not separate issues. They are EXACTLY THE SAME ISSUE. The SPECIES of the sin being committed by the would-be Communicant is immaterial. This is why Can. 915 mentions no particular species of sin.

    In "Catholics in Political Life," the bishops have voted, more than once, to give themselves permission to commit the mortal sin of giving pro-aborts Communion. Thus, they have already voted (overwhelmingly, btw) to give themselves permission to give Communion to absolutely anybody involved in any kind of notorious grave sin.

    When the vast majority of the bishops (including Wuerl, O'Malley, Dolan, Cupich, Gomez, Chaput, Tobin, Farrell, McElroy) think they can vote themselves permission to commit mortal sin, we have a problem.

    Cardinal Burke's famous article on the subject:



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