Sunday, November 6, 2016

Two Courageous Priests With Cowardly Superiors

The pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in San Diego California is under fire for allowing truth to be spoken in his bulletins regarding the upcoming presidential election.  According to this news report, a bulletin insert stated that "it is a mortal sin to vote Democrat" and that those in unrepented mortal sin will go to hell.  The local bishop's knickers are knotted over those statements.  He ignores one "inconvenient truth" (thanks to Al Gore for supplying that phrase).

Those statements are correct.  The Democrat platform is unabashedly pro-abortion.  Anyone voting Democrat will be cooperating with the mortal sin of abortion by furthering the Democrat agenda with their vote.  I went to the Immaculate Conception website and could not find the flyer in question.  I was pleased, however, to see a column on the election by Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix AZ in the Oct 23 bulletin and even Cardinal Wuerl had some cogent words in the Oct 16 bulletin.  A lady named Patricia Mann wrote an excellent piece on moral relativism.  I also see a column by Cardinal Burke therein.  The October 30 bulletin has some clear words about Hillary.  Pray for Father Richard Perozich and other courageous priests.  They are under heavy fire for proclaiming some truth, and that fire is coming from their chanceries.

Let's move on to the other priest under fire for speaking truth - this time, in Italy.  Father Giovanni Cavalcoli, a Dominican theologian who had a spot on a Catholic radio station there, stated that the recent quakes in Italy are divine punishment for Italy's legalization of sodomite #mowwidge.  For that he was suspended from the radio station and drew some harsh - and erroneous - condemnation from the Vatican's assistant Secretary of State, Archbishop Angelo Becciu (said to be close to the pope).  I'll bring in the whole quote from the Register so you can see this as we pick through the copious errors.

The prelate said the Dominican theologian’s words are not in accord with the Gospel, “are offensive to believers and scandalous to those who do not believe.” His words, the archbishop added, “date back to the pre-Christian period and do not correspond to the theology of the Church because they are contrary to the vision of God offered to us by Christ.” “Christ,” he added, “has revealed the face of God’s love, not a capricious and vengeful God. This is a pagan, non-Christian vision”. He also went so far as to say that such comments “offend” the Virgin Mary who is seen as “the mother of mercy who bends over a weeping child and wipes their tears, especially in terrible moments like those of the earthquake."

What a mess!  What would Becciu say of Matthew 23:31-38 and Luke 13:34-35, where Jesus is prophesying the destruction of Jerusalem because they rejected Him as Messiah?  Is Jesus "capricious and vengeful"?  How about "pagan"?  And what's with this "offending the Virgin Mary"?  How often did she tell the world at Fatima and Akita that God would rain down punishments if mankind as a whole did not repent?  She specifically said to the Fatima children that sins of the flesh would cause the greatest number of damned souls.  Italy just legalized a major sin of the flesh; why wouldn't God send an earthquake to wake up the world?  Am I saying that God's wrath is the cause of the earthquake?  I've no way of knowing for certain, but I daresay the Becciu has no basis for denying God's hand in the earthquakes.

Western civilization is in dire need of priests such as Fathers Cavalcoli and Perozich.  Pray that they be protected and that more like them, including bishops, rise up.


  1. The Italy earthquakes are on the way up in intensity, not down. Something bigger this way comes. The first earthquake took 300 lives. The second big one, none, despite the fact that Norcia was destroyed. This is a miracle.
    Rome will feel the next one.
    God will not be mocked.

  2. Solid teaching of the Catholic Faith. Every parish in the country should have this insert and teach it from the pulpits and in RCIA classes. Why are we so afraid of the Truth? Do we really believe in Jesus and his Holy Catholic Church? The catholic and secular push back is very revealing.

    Everyone is free to believe on not believe in the Holy Catholic Church. The only fear is the loss of your immortal soul. Here you have a real right to choose.

  3. What Archbishop Angelo Becciu, et al., apparently do not understand is that God sends these things, not only as punishments, but as warnings.

    God warns us by allowing disasters so that we can amend our lives and not lose our souls. It's Bible 101.


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