Friday, July 28, 2017

Baby Charlie Gard Was Murdered

Today the parents of Baby Charlie Gard announced that he passed away after he was removed from his ventilator.  On Monday it was announced that his parents would discontinue their effforts to seek experimental treatment for him, owing to the damage done to Charlie by his court-ordered stagnation at Greater Ormond Hospital.  Even after they ceased their oppposition to the British death-dealing socialized medicine machinery, the parents weren't even allowed to bring their baby home so that he could die surrounded by love.

All across Catholic social media this news is circulating.  I've yet to see anyone call Charlie's death what it really is - murder.  The various British authorities knew that without treatment Charlie would die.  There was news of experimental treatments that have helped other patients like Charlie, and all expenses were paid for Charlie to be transported to such treatment.  Still the British authorities refused to budge.  The fact is that these NHS facists had much to lose if Charlie did indeed benefit from the treatments.  Their status as unquestionable experts would immediately vanish.  No longer could they, with credibility, claim to be the undisputed arbiters of what constitutes the "rights of patients".   As Chris Gard said in the press conference when he annnounced cessation of treatment efforts for Charlie, the British authorities caused delays that rendered efforts futile.  I think that delay was deliberate.  In their mental paradigms, they could not risk Charlie's survival.  They did all they could to protect their collective pride, and they didn't particularly care that they had to engineer the death of a helpless baby in order to save face.

In Catholic moral theology, murder is defined as "the deliberate taking of innocent human life".   The commission of murder isn't always brought about by acts of violent aggression.  The deliberate withholding of due treatment to a sick individual is also an act of murder.  That's why we say that Terri Schiavo was murdered in 2005.  The British authorities deliberately denied to the Gard family the opportunities to pursue treatments for Charlie, preferring instead their own overly-exalted opinions and status to the true well-being of Charlie.

As mentioned earlier, the authorities wouldn't even allow the baby to die at home.  I now wonder that if he were taken home, might he still be alive - or was a quick death engineered?  Now that Charlie has passed away, will the parents be allowed to take his body so they can at least give him a proper funeral?  If not, consider such refusal suspicious.


  1. Absolutely. These self righteous, egotistical fascists MURDERED this baby for their own narcissistic self interests. These people aren't human, by any definition of the term 'humanity'. The murder of this baby is so revolting, so inhumanely sickening that to make a 'horror' movie out of this story would or at least should be intolerable for the general public. These people are monsters, I mean, these people are REAL LIVE monsters.

    1. They only care for cattle, transgenders and gay persons

  2. This tragic event counts not only as murder, but as the particular species of murder called euthanasia. Not committed for any commonplace motive like passion or personal profit. Charlie's death was ensured in order to promote the mentality that some people are better off dead. Hmm. Where have we heard THAT before?

  3. Don't forget they kidnapped him before they murdered him.

  4. Yes, and the horror is they get away with it, just like with Terri Schiavo. And the culture of death keeps growing.


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