Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rogues' Gallery!

Here they are!  Whatever happened to all that "dialogue" and "encountering" and "tolerance" and  "accompanying" and "listening"?  Does that only happen when the end purpose is to quash piety, weaken the Faith, compromise Christ's moral teachings?  I guess so!

This was featured at the "Convolution of Catholic Leadership" that concluded in Orlando a few days ago.  The Vortex below gives more details of the disgusting way in which faithful Catholics, operating with Catholic donation dollars (and perhaps we should all stop donating to the national collections), are treated by their feckless "leaders".  By the way - the "somewhat well-known blogger" mentioned at the 5:05 mark is Brandon Vogt, employee of Bishop Robert Barron.  The latter is the quasi-heretic who called Martin Luther a "mystic of grace" and who thinks there is "reasonable hope that no one is in hell": and yes, he spoke at this Orlando gab-fest.

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