Friday, July 14, 2017

The Placid And Comfortable Lack The Will To Survive And Protect The Church

Last week President Trump gave an address to the people of Poland.  In that speech he uttered a key statement: "The fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive".  While the president went on to answer in the affirmative, many of us aren't so certain whether that will exists.   A website called The Trumpet analyzed these presidential remarks and I think in many ways they are spot-on.

We as a nation are quite lethargic when it comes to protecting our culture for we are besotted by sin and rejection of God.  That rejection of God and exaltation of sin has become more and more ensconced in our legal and societal framework during these past few decades whereas in the early part of our nation's history, laws and customs at least gave perfunctory lip service to God and Christian values.  We know that one key effect of sin on the one committing it is that their intellect is darkened and their will is weakened.

The weakening of the will and draining of the will to survive was evident even in Old Testament history.  We can read in the books of Kings how King David, after his adultery with Bathsheba and murder of her husband Uriah, surrendered control over his own family.  Thus he was lethargic when his son raped his daughter and was murdered by another son who would go on to almost overthrow David himself.  Moving onto the Book of Judges we see how Samson was undone by his dalliance with Delilah.  The loss of will to survive has been evident almost from the start of human existence.

Not only in the arena of civil governance do we see this creeping lethargy, but also among the ranks of many Catholics.  For the sake of this post, I'm focusing on Catholics who exhibit a modicum of fidelity to the Faith by attending Mass and doing many good and charitable things within the context of their parishes.  However, when it comes to facing real threats from within the Church leadership they reflexively turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the facts that are slapping them in the face.

This deliberate blindness and deafness is magnified even more when it comes to the ever-increasing number of misbehaviors by this current pope.  I've commented about this before and now link to a LifeSiteNews article that's a few months old but still quite relevant.  Anna Silvas, who is being interviewed in that article, postulates that an "affective papalism" might be a big cause of their blindness.  That could well be a large part of the problem.  An inordinate desire for a "simplistic Catholic faith" and the overvaluing of emotions and sentiments are also factors.  When she states that Catholics who sound the alarm are berated, I can affirm that with my own experiences of being chided for being "dour" and "hateful", etc.

I now suggest that the seeking of the "simplistic" and "experiential" are inherently sinful for they involve willful (if somewhat reflexive) rejection of objective truth.  Such embrace of a subtly sinful mindset will also dull the intellect, weaken the will and diminish the will to survive as Catholics.

So now I ask this question: do the readers of this blog have the will to see our Church survive for the sake of their own souls and those whom they love?  Will they resist the insipid calls to "lighten up" and be willing not only to pray but to take decisive action if threats should present themselves?  See hereherehere, and here.  When (not "if" but "when") attacks present themselves, will we be ready to act?  Will we, as a Church, have the will to survive?


  1. Yes, we do! We have been sounding the alarm as well, for years now. People have put "positivity" out there as a virtue, one of the key virtues, that a person must have, and to break that, is to be a downer, and considered unacceptable. I do not believe many people care about these life or death struggles, they are too busy living their lives, working, watching Say Yes to the Dress, going on vacation, to see these issues as very important at all. As far as practicing Catholics, I don't know. Many is the time I have broached a topic such as the pope, only to see it dropped like that old, hot potato, no takers.
    People are exhausted by the evil that obviously surrounds our culture and our world, but as to what to do about it, they don't know. That we have to fight our own pope and church, which has obviously been entirely taken over by Satan, seems totally beyond anyone's ability to deal with.
    We are in the latter days. They may go on for a year or a thousand years, who knows, but there is no doubt we are in apocalyptic times. When hate-filled screeds come out of the Vatican, drugged up homosexual orgies are happening in St. Peter's unimpeded, and we have a pope who cares more about filling up our nations with Muslims than he ever does about Christians, we are in apocalyptic times.
    I am stunned by the continued reserve of even faithful Catholics. The comments are becoming shocking in their casual, still generic and easygoing attitude toward this pope and his diabolical team. The silence of the Cardinals and Bishops shocked me, but no longer does, they have their reward, but I can see the winnowing out of Christians, my fellow Catholics, as they respond to this spiraling situation by becoming even more complacent and mellow, if their comments are a reflection of where they are mentally and spiritually.

  2. What makes things so hard, and even recognizing the heresies and corruption in high places in the Church, is that we have always been told that we must be in union with the pope and saints have said this very strongly. So what does a faithful Catholic to do when the pope is not faithful? Has this happened before? Certainly we have had bad cardinals and bishops and many of them did not stand up to Protestantism which surely confused the faithful then with the result being the loss of millions of souls to the holy Church. And here we are with what seems to be the case that we have FEW holy and faithful prelates. The faithful deserve better. May Our Lady and Our Lord intervene...please.

  3. I have said before and will say again: The greatest sin in this entire travesty that is the Bergolian Papacy is the SILENCE OF THE BISHOPS. Full Stop.

    1. Silence of the bishops? Many are in collusion. The others don't care or are just scared of loosing their pensions.

      My heroes now are all the bishops/cardinals who refused to go along with Vat 2. They lost everything.

      Seattle kim

    2. They didn't lose Christ.

  4. Whether or not this has all happened before, it is happening now. No saint has ever said to be in union with anyone who would separate us from Jesus Christ! Our Lord Himself said, "Get behind me, Satan," to the very first Pope when what St. Peter was advocating went against the will of Almighty God. Amoris Laetitia and its author are forcing us to choose between Jesus Christ and obedience to some of His earthly ministers. Those ministers will be held accountable for forcing us, but we alone will be held accountable for what we choose.


  5. <I now suggest that the seeking of the "simplistic" and "experiential" are inherently sinful for they involve willful (if somewhat reflexive) rejection of objective truth.
    That's it in a nutshell. All things Catholic are now looked upon as so "retro" or better still, archaic. We need to double down in our own lives and pray more and realize we won't find too many allies. The coming troubles will wake many, that is, if they haven't already jumped out of windows, etc.--because we are as a world on borrowed time. Let's try not to fear and remain steady and live our lives honorably all the while praying for ourselves and others.

  6. Re-posting b/c for some reason the first one didn't go through...

    <I now suggest that the seeking of the "simplistic" and "experiential" are inherently sinful for they involve willful (if somewhat reflexive) rejection of objective truth.

    This is what the problem is. Objective truth is being overturned. We must be brave and understand we probably won't get many "allies" but must go our own way. Troubles are coming b/c Our Lord cannot be insulted in this fashion and it not go unanswered.

    So whatever happens will be the only way many will wake up. it's not going to be pretty. Pray that we can all stand true and help those around us (as they're prob busy ratting us out--but that's another story). Better times in the next life!

    Watch and PRAY!

  7. Catholic political parties must teach Catholics the faith which is not being taught by religious due to political pressure
    It is the politial parties which need to educate Catholics since Fr.Antonio Spadero s.j and La Civilita Cattolics will not do so. Milita Christi and Forza Nuova in Italy must in some way reiterate basic Catholic teaching.They must affirm all magisterial documents.But endorse them with the theology of Feeneyism and not irrational Cushingism.

    On this point they cannot follow the present popes, cardinals and bishops who have aligned themselves with the political Left.They choose Cushingism instead of Feeneyism.Their agenda is a one world religion headed by Satan with a false and new image of Jesus and the Church. They even permit the Tridentine Rite Mass to be offered today but with a a false ideology.
    The political parties, which affirm the Social Reign of Christ the King, over all political legislation, must not ony begin their events and daily programs with prayer but also reiterate Catholic teaching interpreted without the common false premise ( invisible people are visible).
    So it is not enough to proclaim the Nicene Creed together.It is also necessary to point out briefly in some way that outside the Church there is no salvation and there are no practical exceptions.We do not know any one in particular who is saved outside the Church even if the popes and cardinals say they are.
    We can expect to create new laws to obstruct the proclamation of Catholic truth. However it must be clear among Catholic political workers, that there is exclusive salvation in only the Catholic Church and everybody needs to be a formal member of the Catholic Church to avoid Hell. This is Vatican Council II( AG 7, LG 14) and it is magisterial (Catechism of the Catholic Church( Feeneyite), Nicene Creed( Feeneyite) etc).It is not from pre-Vatican Council II times.
    Catholics must also be made aware of philosphical errors in Vatican Council II which cannot be the work of the Holy Spirit.
    However for the common good it should be affirmed in public and taught to Catholics that outside the Church there is no salvation according to Vatican Council II.Now for political reasons it is not being done by religious sisters and priests during catechism, evangelisation and religion classes in schools and the parishes.So political parties which support the non separation of Church and State must help Catholics reject the leftist theology,which is Cushingite and says there is salvation outside the Church.Cushingism is heretical and irrational.
    Cardinal Richard Cushing was a supporter of the Masons and the Jewish Left in Boston and he used his ecclesiastical office to change theology in the Church.He was later supported by Cardinal Ratzinger when he was the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
    Political groups like Militia Christi and Forza Nuova which conduct political awareness programs for its members, must extend them to Catholics in general through the faith.The faith is also the means of communication.
    There is now ' a false church' within the true Church, the Mystical Body of Jesus.Cushingite theology is part of the new Church within the Catholic Church.This has become possible since the present magisterium has rebelled and is not affirming magisterial documents, interpreted with the rational and traditional theology.Ecclesiastics have their own political agenda.This must be countered with the simple truths of the faith,which is their only in the Catholic Church.-Lionel Andrades


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