Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dubia Cardinal Meisner Has Died

Joacim Cardinal Meisner passed away early this morining while on vacation.  A cause of death has not been announced.  Recall that Antonin Scalia also passed away while away from home.  Color me suspicious; I wouldn't put anything past what is in the Vatican now.

Please pray for his eternal repose.  The man did display courage in standing for the Truths of Our Church.  May he rest in peace and may eternal light shine on him, O Lord.

Continue to pray for our church.


  1. Color me suspicious also. May the angels lead him into Paradise.

  2. May He Rest in peace and may his rewards be plentiful for all he has done for the Church and all the faithful. I kinda got goosebumps too!

  3. Suspicion is warranted. Burke should have found the clock security and a food taster.

  4. My very first thought when I was the news!


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