Friday, September 29, 2017

It's Official: Germantown Abortuary Closed AND Carhart Sues His Former Hosts

From the site we have the official press release announcing the official closure as of Wednesday.  We also have another piece of news.  Apparently there is acrimony between Carhart and the two former owners of the Germantown mill, Todd Stave and his sister Nancy Samuels.  Carhart is suing the two siblings for custody of medical records pertaining to the women whose children were murdered at GRHS.

We believe that Carhart isn't giving up a lucrative baby-slaughter business so easily.  He probably intends to set up shop in another Maryland location, most likely Montgomery County.  Given his abysmal record at Germantown (10 ambulances, 1 maternal death) a reasonable person can surmise that those records might contain information that could be prejudicial to any attempts to get licenses and permits for a new practice.  If you read the "defendants' answer" on the OR page, the siblings seem willing to release the records, provided that they are held harmless from any liability that might otherwise result from them.

We'll have to see how that suit pans out.  Of course if Carhart resumes baby-slaughter in Maryland, we will be there as well.

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