Saturday, September 2, 2017

Rehumanize International - A Veritable Snake In The Grass

On Facebook I noticed that some pro-life friends of mine, highly respected, "liked" an outfit called Rehumanize International.  If you go to that page, you'll see that they oppose abortion, euthanasia, and other intrinsic evils.  They also oppose capital punishment and nuclear armament, which are not intrinsic evils.  Ladies and gentlemen, when both categories are mish-mashed together in one list, my "seamless garment" red flags start flying.  Therefore I did some research.  Regrettably my suspicions about RI's moral base are confirmed.  Notice that there are intrinsic, anti-life evils that they don't list: contraception, homosexual lifestyle, attacks on marriage and family.

It appears that some of their leadership are caught up in those last three moral evils.  On their home page, go to "about", then "our team".  Their "New Media Coordinator" is Rosemary Geraghty.  The picture to the right, from her facebook page, seems to indicate where she stands on the mortal sin of homosexual conduct.

In that picture, observe the logo with the red and blue hands.  It is also incorporating the logo of the Consistent Life Network.  Go to the bottom of that page and notice that they were formerly known as the Seamless Garment.  Go to their endorsement page.  Quite a few pro-life leaders endorse this bunch.  However, a few anti-God names can be found there; Fr. Theodore Hesburgh and Richard Rohr being among them.  For the life of me, I cannot understand how Dale Vree, editor of New Oxford Review, could have endorsed this bunch.  In addition to Geraghty's speaking at the CLN event, Aimee Murphy is on the CLN advisory board; she's also executive director of RI.

Member organizations of CLN are most troubling.  In addition to several socialist groups, you'll see many chapters of the wildly dissident Pax Christi.  Sojourners is also very dissident.  Right smack-dab on their home page is a denunciation of the Nashville Statement.  In a screed about the Charlottesville riots, they stated "all white people need to understand that white supremacy is underneath everything in America".  Of course they lack the common sense that would have told them that their own statement is blatantly racist.  Pardon my French, but is this really the sort of sh*t to which prolifers want to link their good names?

Back to the RI leaders, we see Maria Oswalt, the Layout Editor.  Her facebook page reveals that she supports the "Black Lives Matter" thugs, excusing their violence and mayhem because - unlike the white supremists, they have "legitimate grievances".  I kid you not.  Here's her rant from her facebook page.  If it's too small to read, just click on it to open it in another window and enlarge it.

Aimee Murphy, the aforementioned executive director of RI, also engages in this brand of racism on her own facebook page, to the right.  These two state that only white people can be racist. Of course that fallacy is itself racist.  I could understand if they condemned the violence espoused by the Black Lives Matter thugs, but they outright excuse the violence by the latter. A reasonable person could look at the statement to the right and ask, "if blacks don't condemn the BLM violence, are they too anarchists?".  Odd how that question isn't broached!  The stances of Oswalt and Murphy are racist, or quite likely hypocritical, perhaps to satisfy the demands of some well-heeled progressive donor.

Kyle Murphy is their Accounts Manager (whatever that means).  He's also Aimee's husband.  He too posted racist screed on his wall.  An interesting discussion ensued between him and a reader who raised some common-sense questions.  The bottom two comments are mine.  I left them yesterday.  This morning I saved a screenshot of this exchange for I suspected that they'd soon be deleted.  Lo and behold!  That "suspicion" must have been Divine inspiration, for my two comments have since "disappeared"!  Imagine that!  Of course it's his wall and he can delete what he wants, but doesn't that indicate extremely thin skin on his part, or perhaps a realization that his own bigotry wouldn't withstand rational examination?  Hmmm...

Here I'll post a video that delves into violence that seems to be the modus operandi of the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter bunch.  Below that I have some closing remarks.

Links to some others here and here

I've got other facebook shots that show this RI crowd to be for unbridled immigration, against our Second Amendment rights, etc.  When you consider that in light of the issues described above (dissident on homosexuality, suspiciously silent on contraceptives) you have a progressive organization.  Granted, they oppose baby-slaughter, assisted suicide and embryonic stem cell research.  So does the USCCB.

John Whitehead's constant references to CLN on his own facebook page, along with the other connections, almost causes me to suspect that this RI may be a front for CLN. Even if they aren't officially linked as organizations, their members most certainly are disciples of the late Cardinal Benardin and his now-debunked "seamless garment".

IMHO, faithful Catholics should avoid this "Rehumanize International", "Consistent Life Network" and any other organization that adulterates proper opposition to intrinsic evils with other issues that are more proper to the realm of prudential judgment (at most).  As we've seen once again, these attempts to dilute our defense of Church moral teachings are often deliberate.


  1. They may be payed for by Soros and other pro-riot / pro-evil ones. God bless the true pro-life movement. God bless America. God bless you for exposing their evil. Thank you.

  2. Oh yes.......the camouflage 'pro life' organizations that they try to pass off as 'righteous, Godly morality' with a few actual pro life stances that they put on display. And then 'hide' their real agenda. Sound familiar? Kind of 'Satanic like' maybe? Partial truths with hidden lies that kill not only the soul but society as well? Satan's fingerprints are all over this in the form of George Soros.

    Thanks for all your excellent investigative digging around.

  3. I've never heard of this group, Janet. Thank for the great analysis. I will certainly be on the lookout for them. The devil likes to use the truth to tell lies. It's been his M.O. since he deceived Eve in the garden.

  4. Hello, I'd like to offer a young Catholic convert's perspective.
    I came into the Church through the beauty of it's teachings, especially regarding Her consistency on sexual ethics. But it wasn't because the facts were stated that contraception and gay marriage was wrong. It was learning about NFP, Theology of the Body and having a fellowship of women I could trust who were married using NFP. I have witnessed women who were atheists or protestants come to the Church through the ideas of consistent life ethic (that Rehumanize International endorse and teach on), viewing NFP as "green" sex and come to the pro-life movement due to CONSISTENCY when they realized abortion was wrong BECAUSE Rehumanize uses millennial's talking points on human rights, feminism and anti-discrimination. It is through BEAUTY and finally understanding these truths of the faith that only happens after dialogue with those with opposing views that ONLY start to happen when the other side sees us as reasonable and someone to trust.
    There are hundreds of pro-life groups that are what you deem perfect- blatantly calling out sins of homosexuality and contraception along with abortion - that works for them. Why not allow this and other, more "ecumenical" pro life groups that have at best converted many heathens to become consistantly Catholic and at worst at least start dialoguing between the sides that bring fruit to the issue.(pro-choicers: "Wow. I actually appreciate your approach, honesty and I can understand that point of view. You've given me something to think about. Thanks")
    I know the Founder of Rehumanize is a Catholic that uses NFP, understands, believes,respects and obeys the Church's teaching on contraception, gay marriage and well, everything the Catholic Church believes. The group does not publicly renounce contraception and gay marriage and has people in her organization that are not Catholic because the organization is about consistent life ethics and ecumenism between the groups is vital for a culture of life to spread. I have been in the pro-life movement in person and online and have spoken to many pro-choicers and abortion clients. It's just unfortunately true that being pro-Donald Trump, calling out contraception and gay marriage right away are conversation killers. No one will start a discussion and are most likely to defriend you. Coming at them from a secular point of view and/or having these conversations on these issues after a relationship of trust has been built has been proven more effective than the blatant shouting right away to strangers about God's truth on human sexuality.

    As an aside, on the Black Lives Matter concern. I always assume ignorance before malice. I do believe many who support BLM are simply there because they believe black lives matter and racism is not okay and it doesn't go deeper than that. They don't realize the BLM mission statement has more to do with the liberal agenda of destroying the family than race OR they don't believe that's what it's really about.
    It's not a black & white issue in which we can put everyone in boxes of "us vs them" and we can't judge all BLM supporters and say they're all against the Catholic Church or traditional family just as Trump supporters shouldn't be all put in a box as sexist, racist, nazis.
    We NEED dialogue and that doesn't happen when we accuse others or make assumptions of motive/intent.

    1. Thank you for your input. I do have some concerns. If calling out contraception and gay marriage are "conversion killers", to what do the converts think they are joining? Would you say the same about any other intrinsic evil? We must be honest. When one of their key personnel states out front that she is "queer", that points to an embrace of the gay lifestyle. Silence in the face of that is its own sin. As for the BLM information, it is out there.


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