Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Progressive Vatican Hyenas Frothing At The Mouth

One such critter is Father James Martin, author of the misnamed "Building Bridges".  That screed is nothing more than a lame attempt to normalize the mortal sin of homosexual perversion.  Happily Father Martin has been and is being rebuked by fellow clergy.  Cardinal Robert Sarah, in a piece published in the Wall Street Journal, reminded him that "those who speak on behalf of the Church must be faithful to the unchanging teachings of Christ"  (italics mine).

Pssst!  Father Martin!  The Catholic Church has always had the best bridge for those living in perversion to come back to the Church!  It's called the Sacrament of Confession!  You cannot improve on that!

Archbishop Chaput spoke similar words in his regular column in the newspaper of the Philadelphia archdiocese.  In that column Chaput reminds Martin (and all of us) that "the church is not simply about unity - as valuable as that is - but about unity in God's love rooted in truth."

The archbishop's words were enough to arouse the ire of Father Thomas Rosica.  It doesn't take too much to get his dander up. I could spend an hour unpacking the errors in this latest of Rosica's rants, but I don't want him monopolizing my time.  You might recall that Father Rosica actually attempted to sue one of my blogging colleagues at Vox Cantoris for calling him out on various heresies; his Vatican superiors put the kibosh on that stunt.  However, Rosica, in that column, took the occasion to lambast faithful Catholic bloggers as "the dark, dysfunctional side of the Catholic blogosphere...erecting high, impenetrable walls and noisy echo chambers of monologue.”  With respect to his badmouthing of us bloggers, maybe someone should remind him that "to use clerical status, episcopal authority, or other forms of leadership to dismiss, disparage or slam the efforts of those who simply want to reach those on the peripheries is not befitting of shepherds, pastors or servants of the Lord. It has nothing to do with the Gospel! It is not who we are!"  Now who originally uttered those words??  Hmm...!

Professor Josef Seifert is another faithful Catholic who has taken issue with Amoralis Lamentia.  I related a few days ago how he (and many others) were expelled from the Pontifical Council for Life to make room for dissenters.  We now learn that he was fired from his position at the International Academy of Philosophy in Granada by the local Archbishop Martinez Fernandez.  Seifert rightly pointed out that if unrepentant adulterers and sodomites were seen as justified, then the same could happen for anyone else embroiled in any intrinsic moral evil.  He called AL a "theological atomic bomb".  That was enough to get him sacked.  I suspect that if Seifert advocated for more perversion, he might have been offered tenure.

Moral of the story?  When one advocates for rank disobedience to God's moral laws, today's Vatican rewards them with prominent positions.  When one defends the timeless teachings of Jesus Christ, the current hierarchy, headed by Pope Francis, plunges the long knives in their back. The persecution is real and is becoming ever more stark; be watchful and praying.


  1. We must be FERVENTLY praying to Our Precious Lord thru Our Lady and her Rosary and thru the Mass. I read an EXCELLENT article on Spirit Daily about just how strong Satan is lately, attacking our emotions and even physical well being, and the tools the Church has given us to fight back. (the Rosary and the Mass and I would add CONFESSION) I can relate myself personally to this as my emotions have been all over the place, and we must take time during these negative emotions to pray with our hearts to Our Lord to help us. If Satan is influencing our hierarchy, you KNOW he is working on the faithful as well! As the article pointed out however, Satan isn't even in the same league as Our Almighty God. God will give us the grace to fight him and WIN if we go to Him humbly and FERVENTLY. St. Michael the Archangel is a busy busy angel these days!! The war is palpable. We are beginning to experience the battle first hand, but not to fear, we know who wins in the end!! I'm not sure about your posting rules, but if it is permissible, I can post a link to the article. It is well worth the read.

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!!

  2. Their time of misleading souls is short as is the devil's....but not short enough for the salvation of souls.

  3. 1P5 has the scoop on Cardinal Caffarra's (2nd Dubia Cardinal to die in 2 months) death this morning. As someone said............ "And then there were two."


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