Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bannon's Truthful Rebuke Stings The Bishops In Their...

Did you think that last word was going to be "consciences"?  Don't be silly!  That last word is really "coffers".  Steve Bannon might not have realized it, but he spoke the only language that the US bishops seem to heed: the language of $ka-ching$.  A video of Bannon's interview is found here.  When queried by Charlie Rose about Cardinal Dolan's displeasure with President Trump's actions on DACA, Bannon correctly responds that the USCCB's stance on DACA is not doctrine - progressive pretenses notwithstanding (I hold that it is the USCCB that stands in sin owing to its facilitation of illegal immigration).  Moreover, Bannon is correct that the bishops have an economic interest in illegal immigration.  However, he seems to limit that interest to the filling of church pews.  In reality, it goes much further for the Church hierarchy receives federal grants for the "processing" of aliens, and the amounts of those grants is proportional to the number of immigrants.

Cardinal Dolan, when he heard of Bannon's interview, got his knickers in a royal knot.  Breitbart has the low-down on that.  Dolan quoted Bannon as saying that the only reason they (bishops) care about illegals is for economic reasons.  You can see it in the first few paragraphs of the linked piece.   The title states that "Dolan bears false witness".  Well yes, but I think it's more than that.  I think Cardinal Dolan uttered a quintessential Freudian slip.  I've no bones opining that $$$ is a prime motivating factor in their shilling for illegal immigration.

Yesterday the pope got in on the act.  Of course the blather happened on a plane (mathematical equation alert!  plane+pope+reporters=insults+heresies+blasphemies).  He went so far as to cast doubt on the president's pro-life beliefs because of his termination of DACA.  Whatever happened to "who am I to judge?"  Does that apply only to those flaunting mortal sins of sodomy?  But I digress.

The pope said of Trump, "he presents himself as a pro-life man. If he is a good pro-lifer, he should understand that the family is the cradle of life and you must defend its unity."  A goodly number of pro-life leaders replied to that statement as they came to Trump's defense.  I might add one more key thing.  If the pope is pro-life, he will do all he can to protect and promote the encyclical Humanae Vitae.  He can start by dismantling that commission that was assembled to "study", that is, weaken this key encyclical.  Humanae Vitae must stand.  Contraception, an intrinsic evil, must be seen for what it is: a satanic instrument of death and destruction.  The pope casting doubts on the president's pro-life credentials?  Never did I think I'd see the day when I trust the White House more than the Vatican, but now that has come to pass.


  1. "Never did I think I'd see the day when I trust the White House more than the Vatican, but now that has come to pass." ...Sad is an understatement, to the way I feel. But I agree with you...I too trust PDJT more than the Pope.

    I pray that Humanae Vitae stands.If not, then the orthodox Cardinals and Bishops MUST take action.

  2. Well, make no mistake about it: He and his 'cabal' are poised in the attack mode, bearing their teeth and showing their claws....after Humanae Vitae. Indeed that is their next 'prey'. So far, they have attacked marriage and the family, the sacraments, the liturgy, and now sin itself. Moving faster than the speed of light folks!! I wonder WHAT the rush is?? I do believe they also seem to be sending Benedict XVI a 'message.' A published article on a 'proposal' by a 'GERMAN' Theologian' stating that the 'rules' on a future Pope that abdicates must be put in place. Future Popes that 'retire' must not don the Papal garments, wear the fisherman's ring, interject ANY thoughts on the Church and how it is run or ANY of his thoughts on Church happenings, and MUST go back to ordinary 'Cardinal's attire'. Why? It is too 'confusing for the flock' because there is only ONE Pope at a time. In other words they are saying to Benedict. 'Keep your mouth SHUT and stay COMPLETELY out of site. We don't want to ever see you or hear from you......GOT IT??'

  3. Thoroughly agree - Human Vitae not only has to stand but be engraved in Catholic Ethics for all time.

    When hard-core lucre by way of grants & hand-outs entered the CC via Apostate Prelates, it destroyed our churches, schools, universities, hospitals & to some extend our lay apostolates. The public at large expect everything to come free when, in fact, nothing comes free but has to be paid by taxpayers. However, by extracting the freedom our parents once had from the voting public, our elected representatives feel they can make binding decisions that were never part of their manifesto.


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