Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pricking Some Consciences At Rehumanize International

The evidence for that is right here.  This seems to be the week for us being called all sorts of names: "Catholic Cyber-Militia", "Cancerous Catholics", and now "Right Wing Nut".  Not to worry!  Rather than carry on like some little progressive snow-flake, I wear these monikers like badges of honor, but I digress.

They are referring to this post from a few weeks ago, in which I exposed Rehumanize International for being less than a stellar organization.  It appears that Sarah Terzo's alleges that I "attacked" Rosemary Geraghty "on a personal level" because she is LGBT whereas I took issues with others over "opinions".  I submit that Terzo's reading comprehension skills leave something to be desired.  My remarks in the previous post state that her picture indicates "where she stands on the mortal sin of homosexual conduct".  Now doesn't "where she stands" seem to smack of opinion?  However, it's also clear in the comments on Terzo's post that yes indeed, Geraghty does engage in that mortally sinful conduct.  "Conduct" and "opnion" are fair topics for discussion.

Notice though, how Terzo is trying to frame the matter as though I'm attacking Geraghty as a person.  This speaks of a tendency of gays to derive their identities from their perversions.  Why else do we see all these "gay pride" parades?  Terzo does admit that reminders such as mine might "hurt a little".  That's called the pricking of the conscience.  They know deep down, whether or not they admit it to themselves, that their actions are wrong.  On the other hand, I've no problem being called "right wing nut" for I know that I'm speaking the truth.

I also found this thing, again kvetching about my coverage of RI.  Check out the comments on both posts.  Aimee Murphy posted a few; bear in mind that she is the director of RI and a "contributor" to the New Pro-Life Movement.  I ask my fellow pro-lifers if they really want to entangle themselves with this bunch.

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