Saturday, March 24, 2018

Another Synod Is On Its Way - So Too Is Another Amoralis Lamentia

This one, scheduled for this coming October, will be called "Synod of Bishops on Youth, focusing on: youth, women, moral issues, and leadership.  I agree with One Peter Five that this one, like the infamous one of 2-3 years ago, that this one will be used as a front to forward a progressive agenda.  Read his commentary.  Some of those young people criticize the Church as being "severe" and "associated with excessive moralism".  C'mon!  Teenagers have been grousing at their parents for the same reasons for countless generations!  They are simply bucking the policies that keep their lives from being ruined because they are too driven by emotions and hormones.  As the wise parents stand their ground, so too must the Church and not think of such youthful rebellion as real guidance.  Robert Royal of Catholic Thing said that he would have found such toadying "pathetic" had he been approached by adults like that when he was a teen.

Such "severe" aspects include the Church's teachings on homosexuality, abortion, shacking up, etc.  The kids have gotten their hopes up that the Church will change her teachings on these matters.  That is impossible of course, for the Church's teachings on morals are those of Jesus Christ.  They won't change for God Himself doesn't change.  But the fact that these heretical hopes are being entertained may well be a convenient smoke screen for those progressives within the Church who do want to insinuate such changes under the guise of "being pastoral" and "accompanying", etc.

As the synod on the family was a disguise for the promulgation of Amoralis Lamentia, I dread the thing that will be published after this youth synod.  It is probably already written and simply is waiting for this October dog-and-pony show to happen.


  1. Of course it is a 'front' for more immorality to be introduced into the Church. I have no idea which avenue they may take but I fear it will probably be the golden ring they're after: The legitimacy of homosexual relations. If that happens the entire Church will be in shambles, and they will have been successful in burning her to the ground. Cardinal Paglia is, as we speak, shouting from the rooftops for Catholics to stop 'debating' A.L. and just 'accept' it. They will shove same sex legitimacy down our throats as well, I fear in this next 'SINOD' no matter what the young people say or don't say.

  2. Yes, kind of like the 'rules for radicals' or 'community organizing': the results are already in and all the rest--the meetings, etc.--are just for show.

  3. It is astonishing to me that you have to write such (obvious to many of us) blog posts.

    But somehow I know it will help in the times we are about to face.

  4. Perhaps since we have been assured this is about discerning vocations, it will be about all the young sensus fidelia who were called by the Spirit of truth in their internal fora to Holy Orders. I believe "youth" was defined as 65 yrs young or younger for this synod. Here is a prediction about the exhortation to be promulgated in 2019:

    Abyssum.Org 2017


  5. Apparently it has already begun: youths who expressed a desire for the Traditional Latin Mass did not see their concerns in the summaries presented to the Vatican.

    I guess some youth are just "accompanied" more than others!


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