Saturday, March 17, 2018

CFO Fired From Catholic Institution For Her Second Amendment Advocacy - Time For Us To Act

Sister Carol Keehan, wielder of the Pen of Perfidy, sits on the board of Catholic Charities as do quite a number of those who've contributed to pro-abortion politicians.  Cardinal Cheesehead Dolan wined and dined the Messiah Most Miserable at the Al Smith Dinner and gave approval of gays marching in New York's St Patrick's Day parade.  The progressives have absolutely no problem hob-nobbing with pro-aborts - provided they can get money thrown their way.

Contrast all that schmoozing with the treatment meted out to the now-former CFO of Miami's St Thomas University.  What was Anita Britt's "high crime and misdemeanor"?  Why, she sits on the board of American Outdoor Brands Co, parent company to Smith and Wesson.  You've heard of them, no doubt.  They are manufacturers of those eeeevulll guns that, of their own power and volition, randomly go out and shoot people!  Of course that last sentence was facetious, but for the progressive lemmings who troll our blogs, I must spell out what is obvious to those with two brain cells that fire in syncopation.  She was given a choice: resign from AOB, or lose her job.  She chose the latter which I believe was a wise decision.

The Crud article states that the president of the university, Msgr Franklyn Casale, put the choice to Britt as his reaction to public opinion and backlash.  So, Msgr Casale doesn't like "backlash", right?  Perhaps it's time for us faithful Catholics to provide some backlash of our own and make known our disgust for his linguine-like spine.

From the website, we see Msgr's contact information:

Casale, Franklyn M.
President's Office
(305) 628-6663

Call and email him.  We cannot let them get away with such kowtowing to politically correct nonsense.


  1. Well, here's where we are.
    We have had shootings at public schools, and the Leftists are outraged they haven't been able to make a dent in gun control. Even when they used Newtown, and used the parents to make political hay, they couldn't get it done.
    So now high school students are being propagandized and used as political pawns, to get the Leftists what they want, gun control. And true to form, they aren't going to stop until they get it.
    Only today, when logic, reason, and all common sense has flown out the window, could we have this situation.
    We have people going crazy, so concerned teachers might be armed, or do we need armed police officers in schools, and how can we lock up our children so that they are safe from sociopaths in their own ranks or without?
    Then, as part of a national effort organized by most likely a Soros-created group, consider this...

    Are you following me? We say, "Here is where all these thousands of students will be tomorrow, at 10:00 a.m., OUT ON OUR LAWNS."


  2. I will call Monday morning!

    As to hob-nobbing with pro-aborts: I understand the soon to be bankrupt Toys R Us was a big Planned Parenthood supporter. I guess 60 million aborted babies had no need for toys. Just sayin.


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