Thursday, May 31, 2018

Gay-Enabling Prelates Must Be Resisted

Much of the media (not just Catholic outlets) have been ablaze with the news of what Pope Francis said to Juan Carlos Cruz, one of the child victims of gay-priest pedophiles in Chile.  The young man is now himself gay, but the pope said to him "God made you gay and loves you like this".  There are doubts regarding the veracity of this statement.  However, given the silence of the Vatican Press Office and other (mis)deeds committed by the pope in relation to gays (see this piece by Doug Mainwaring of LifeSiteNews), I've no reason to doubt the accuracy of Cruz's account of the conversation.

Cardinal Dolan has chimed in on the matter, going so far as to claim of the pope's affirmation of mortal sin that "Jesus could have said that".  So he compounds the pope's blasphemy with his own.  In today's Vortex, Michael Voris comments this latest nonsense from Dolan.  He speculates that Dolan may have fallen out of grace a bit with the progressives in the Vatican and that one of Dolan's aims with his statement was to brown-nose his way back into their favor.  Voris goes into a list of Dolan's dalliances with gays, but even that list isn't complete.  Below the Vortex I'll supply some more.  These make me believe that when it comes to smooching up to gays, that the Vatican bigwigs have nothing over Dolan.

In addition to what Voris said, Dolan has allowed parishes to host "pre-pride masses", approved the "coming-out" of a gay athlete on television, set not a peep in Kim Davis' defense, etc.  Now comes word (ht Joseph Sciambra) that St. Francis de Sales Church in NYC not only has a LGBT "ministry" (in other words, a pervert dating service), but that this "ministry" is led by a flamboyantly promiscuous drag queen; see the parish website.  Wanna bet that this guy will retain his position?

So much for Cardinal Dolan leading New York Catholics to hell with his dissidence.  Let's hear from some prelates who aren't afraid to speak truth to the agenda of perversion.  Two weeks ago, at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC, Cardinal Sarah stated plainly that the gay agenda is a demonic attack on the family.  Meanwhile, Bishop Athanasius Scheider gave an interview to One Peter Five.  He commented on many topics and I'd suggest you read the whole thing.  He touched upon the question of priests "blessing" gay shack-ups.  He stated that any priest who dared to do so would be committing a sin that's even greater than the one being committed by the gays being "blessed" - or more accurately cursed.  Think about that.  The priests so doing are not only lulling the perverts towards deadened consciences and eventual damnation (if they don't repent before death), but they are committing sacrilege against one of the Seven Sacraments.  They are misrepresenting the Church and Jesus Christ Himself.  These sins, by the way, are precisely what Father Guarnizo avoided six years ago.  Conversely, the sins of misrepresenting the Church are precisely what Bishop Knestout committed when he extended to Barbara Johnson that wretched apology.

Now consider this.  In Oregon, a Catholic parish is being sued for refusing to host an LGBT event in one of its facilities.  This episode occurred over three years ago but they are just now filing suit.  This is not unlike the situation in Indiana when a KofC council allowed two lesbians to hold their "wedding reception" for absolutely no charge.  Then-archbishop Joseph Tobin was in charge and did absolutely nothing to stop it.  In light of his recent advancement to Cardinal under Pope Francis, one might wonder if he actually ordered that capitulation to the lesbians. 

Now some questions are before us and we need to answer them before we find these situation in our own parishes: especially if these parishes cower before perverts, threatening the sanctity of our Churches.  Are we prepared to offer resistance?  No, I don't mean merely praying the Rosary in some location away from the travesty.  I mean are we prepared to offer what could be called "civil disobedience" in order to stand with our outraged Lord?


  1. I am certain they are all Demon-crats.

  2. Not sure why Voris is so upset....maybe Dolan was just speaking as the "man" Timothy Dolan, not the Cardinal...or is that benefit of the doubt limited only to popes?

  3. Cardinal Wuerl started with Dignity Masses in Pgh., which he refused to shut down for nine years after Ratzinger ordered it. In Washington, he permits priests to celebrate gay Masses, and has always championed Communion for pro-aborts. Under Bergoglio, he has moved on to Communion for adulterers and gay couples, etc. He and Cardinal Cupich--who takes all the same positions--will be the American stars, basking in the glory of the Pope, at the Vatican Freak Show of Families in Dublin.

    1. Would you please tell me when and where these Masses occur, and the names of all involved priests? This needs to be exposed. Thank you.

  4. Many homosexuals became homosexuals AFTER they were sexually molested by someone of the same sex. Juan Carlos Cruz may have been completely heterosexual before he was sexually molested by these evil men who represented Jesus Christ in a young boy's mind, as horrible as that is to contemplate. It is a reality that children become confused and often repeat the sins of the attacks, becoming in the future the perpetrator, rather than the victim. So how many millions of little boys have been molested because a boy was molested by a priest? Only God knows. So here Bergolio, in his evil, condones the attack and does he not endorse that God himself willed that Cruz be molested by these perverted men? God "wanted" him gay and therefore, God is behind the attack that may very well have led to Cruz becoming the "gay man" he is that "God likes".
    There is no limit to the evil these men propose.

    1. The Pope's mind looks utterly twisted. He exposed God as the only culprit in Cruz becoming gay, whîle on the contrary, the culprit is Satan through his agent Karadima.

  5. Every time we can hear or read an heterodox declaration of Francis which is not immediately followed by a strong and quick denial from the Vatican's communication office, me may be certain that this declaration ruly has been uttered by the Pope.
    Saying about this poor Mr Carlos Cruz: "God made you gay" is an horrible blasphemy.
    Cruz became gay at the hands of the diabolical Fr Karadima who abused him for years.
    The truth is: "KARADIMA (a minion of Satan) MADE YOU GAY" Not God.


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