Monday, May 6, 2019

Leading Church Men Ask Bishops To Deal With Heresies Of Pope Francis

This past week several clergy, theologians, scholars, etc released an open letter to the prelates of the Church asking them to deal with the heresies being committed by Pope Francis.  The authors of the letter understand that only bishops can take action, but that is what they ask the prelates to do.  In a word, they are asking the prelates (that is, those prelates who aren't in fact in league with the promulgation of the heresies) to act.  The text of the letter is here.

This letter is just the latest in a series of attempts.  See the list to the right.  Might this letter be, in fact, a call for an imperfect council to take action against Francis, even to the point of deposing him?  Despite denials from otherwise well-intentioned Catholics, there are reasons to doubt the validity of the papal election that seated Francis upon the papal throne.

Please read that open letter and circulated it among your families and friends.  Please pray your Rosaries and be living in a state of grace.  Below are some more words on the situation from Michael Matt.


  1. I won't be holding my breath waiting for the bishops or cowardinals to act!i

    1.The evidence is there for Pope Benedict's heresies in the theological papers of the International Theological Commission.It is there in black and white.1 They are approved by Pope Francis .The same irrtional reasoning was used at the Plaquet Deo Press Conference by Cardinal Luiz Ladaria sj, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
    2. Pope Francis on the plane when asked about his Abu Dhabi statement did not affirm the dogma EENS. Instead he projected Vatican Council II( interpreted with the irrationality) as a rupture with EENS.This was a rejection of EENS.
    3. He has officially presented a kerygma without the necessity of being a member of the Catholic Church.2
    4.Today if he is asked he will not affirm EENS like the missionaries and Magisterium of the 16th century.This is further proof.
    He can recite the Nicene or Apostles Creed but he will interpret them with the irrational premise and inference which is creates a rupture with their understanding over the centuries.So his reciting the Creeds is meaningless.3
    5. During the pontificate of Pope Francis, Pope Benedict confirmed that EENS was no more, for Pope Francis, like it was for the missionaries in the 16th century. There was 'a development' with Vatican Council II.He meant Vatican Council II interpreted with the false premise and inference.Otherwise there could not be a development.So EENS and the Creeds were changed in their meanings. The original strict interpretation was denied.
    6. Pope Francis does not ask Pope Benedict to issue a correction saying EENS today is like it was for the Magisterium in the 16th century.There is no development with Vatican Council II interpreted without the irrationality.
    They are both guilty. So we cannot expect a Catholic proclamation of the faith.
    7. So with EENS and Nicene, Apostles and Athanasius Creeds changed theologically there are new heretical doctrines. They are there in the new ecumenism, new ecclesiology, new evangelisation and joint mission with other Christian communities who are not outside the Church for the two popes.There is a new understanding of mission in which everyone does not need to enter the Catholic Church for salvation( since there are known exceptions for the two popes).
    8. Now a new super department will be created at the Vatican,it is reported, which will proclaim Jesus without Catholic doctrines and traditional theology.Since the old theology and doctrines have been officially and heretically rejected.
    The new doctrines are heretical and practical conclusions of a new theology based upon a false premise and inference. So now heresy is the norm in the Church supported by the present two popes.
    9.They interpret the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 with the irrational reasoning. So BOD, BOB and I.I contradict EENS.
    Here I have shown how the two popes obstinately doubt or deny the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
    They also deny the centuries old interpretation of the Nicene and Apostles Creed by re-interpreting BOD, BOB and I.I.
    They also deny the Athanasius Creed which says outside the Church there is no salvation.For them outside the Church there is personally known salvation so there are exceptions to the Athanasius Creed.
    They re-interpret Vatican Council II as a rupture with these Creeds even though a rational interpretation of the Council in harmony with the Creeds is possible.They do not proclaim this rational interpretation of Vatican Council II.
    The overall result is new doctrines with the Catechisms contradicting each other.-Lionel Andrades


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