Thursday, October 28, 2021

SOAR Goes Sour Again

Canon 212 alerted me to this latest faux pas of SOAR - that is, Support Our Aging Religious.  Truth be told, their progressive escapades predate this present pontificate, but they certainly do share many of Pope Francis' mindsets.  Perhaps that is why the Archdiocese of Washington has been the location of their headquarters.

SOAR rewards this???
They intend to once again sully the name of St Katharine Drexel by bestowing the award bearing her name to Dr. Fauci, that menace to people and puppies everywhere.  This is not the first time.  Previous unworthy recipients include Carolyn Woo and Cokie/Steve Roberts.  Details are found in my previous posts.

Also found in those posts is the disgusting treatment meted out to me and my fellow sidewalk counselors as they denied us their assistance at the Silver Spring Planned Parenthood many years ago.  At that time, SOAR and Planned Parenthood were located in the same office building, with SOAR being directly above them.  SOAR refused to grant us access to the building, this denying us opportunities to save babies.

This award ceremony, to happen Nov 5, is a "virtual event" so it will not be possible to picket the thing.  Please keep these things in mind, should SOAR solicit donations from you.


  1. SOAR exists because VCII accelerated the decline of religious life. The movement to secularize and Protestantize the Church hit the religious first

    1. Makes sense. Prior to that, the religious communities had enough young vocations coming to ensure that their elderly could receive proper care.


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