Tuesday, August 9, 2022

How Many Perverts Does Catholic Relief Services Employ Anyway?

That question came to mind when I saw this post from  Religion Clause.  Here is the court decision to which they refer.  When I first saw this, I thought that "John Doe" was probably Rick Estridge.  Several of us bloggers wrote on this when we learned that this "same-sex-married" guy was employed by CRS as a Vice President.  But that was back in 2015.  Estridge resigned from CRS after he was exposed and has since taken employment elsewhere.

Therefore I think it most probable that "John Doe" is yet another gay who was obviously known as such by CRS leadership and directors from the first day of his employment.  These individuals are thumbing their noses at Church teachings regarding marriage, sexuality and homosexual conduct.  Yet they get hired by CRS.  Just how many are there?

More to the point, why does CRS continue to exist?  Why do our parishes still hold in-pew collections, as though we should support those living in mortal sin?

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