Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Of Hysterics Against The Latin Mass And Horrid Red Hats

Below is last week's episode of the Anchor Team.  Michael and Alyssa Hichborn spent the bulk of the time on the conversion of Shia  LaBeouf and his subsequent interview with Bishop Robert Barron.  It is an hour and twenty minutes long and I myself am in the process of listening to it (in chunks).  Here is the link.  From what others tell me, LaBeouf brings the focus on the Traditional Latin Mass as being a key factor of his conversion.  He learned of it as he was preparing for his role as Padre Pio in a biographical movie of the saint.  Hichborn tells of his impressions of Barron's reaction to LaBeouf's account.

From what Hichborn says, Barron's reaction to the Latin Mass is somewhat similar to what Molly Olmstead wrote in the Slate a few days ago.  Here is her screed.  In addition to being informed of what she says, you'll also have the added benefit of mortification of your sensibilities as you take in both her ignorance and arrogance.  She says the Latin Mass is "controversial", as if that is a bad thing.  The fact is that for centuries, the Catholic Faith has always been "controversial" enough in the eyes of those set in their sins that they have always striven to mock and persecute us.

However, these days the persecution of faithful Catholics is coming from quite a few prelates.  We just saw several questionable bishops receiving their red hats from Francis, one of them being Robert McElroy of San Diego.  I've written a lot on him in the past.  Towards the end of the Lepanto clip, the Hichborns discuss some ominous theories that could well have solid basis.  There's talk of Francis appointing a "papal co-adjutor", owing to his failing health.  Cardinal Cupich, who has his own long litany of insults to the Faith, seems to be a top contender for that role.  Should that happen, there's a decent possibility that McElroy would be moved to Chicago, to further cement that archdiocese's descent into disbelief and debauchery.  In fact, all these appointments place many souls in jeopardy.

As mentioned in my previous post, it is high time that faithful Catholics stood up to the tyrants that are literally in our midst.  Some are already about that important task.  One such effort in the DC area will occur Saturday Sept 17 - a pilgrimage for the restoration of the Latin Mass.  More details can be found here.

Next Saturday, Sept 3, this same group will be conducting a Rosary Rally at 10 am outside the Papal Nunciature.  The address is 3339 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington DC.

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