Saturday, August 27, 2022

Resisting The Destruction Of The Mass Of The Ages

The trashing of the Traditional Latin Mass, along with those of us who attend that mass, continues unabated.  Listen to this screed uttered by Father Brendan Hoban, who occupies an influential role in the Irish Synod.  In that interview, it's no surprise that he eschews his clerics as he mocks young traditionally-minded priests for wearing their cassocks.  He "despairs of these young priests".

We will have to resist the de facto tyranny.  There are places where the Traditional Latin Mass is still offered.  You will have to locate them and decide on a course of action.  Perhaps you'll even have to have underground Masses if the local prelates are particularly draconian.

As lay people, we don't have much voice - but we do have some.  We can speak to them the language of money - or the cessation of money, to be more precise.  A couple who are in the Diocese of Arlington penned an open letter to Bishop Burbidge and the Remnant newspaper published it.  I link to it here and urge you all to advise your prelates that your money donations may well cease.  

I realize that one of the Six Precepts of the Church is to "support the work of the church".  In past times, we have always assumed that this precept was fulfilled by regular contributions to our parishes and diocese.  But that precept doesn't stipulate that.  In fact, by no stretch of the imagination can the suppression of the Mass of the Ages be construed as "the work of the church".   Rather, support those priests who do offer the Traditional Latin Mass.  If you can't find any, there is always a pro-life pregnancy center or some worthwhile charity that actually helps marginalized peoples, like a food bank.  

Like Mr. and Mrs. DeSimone, we must be up front to our prelates, stand up to them - not anonymously - and advise them that if they don't honor Quo Primum then they will receive not one red cent from you.


  1. There is a Rosary Rally at Nunciature in Washington DC, every Saturday at 10 AM. Here is a link to there Facebook page

  2. There will also be a pilgrimage from Arlington VA to DC on September 17

  3. We're on the same wavelength, Janet. God forbid that a priest should talk to the people about sin and wear a cassock. This made me laugh and say thank God! The young priests have their heads on straight unlike this clueless Irishman. Consider what these priests did to Irish Catholics. We can thank them for the pro-abortion vote in that formerly Catholic country. But it's not just clueless, sport-shirt wearing priests criticizing traditionalists. I posted today about a lay Catholic blogger and his commenters trashing traditionalists. Sad, but eventually they will realize they are on the wrong side of history. The Latin Mass will increase and, if the novus ordo remains, it will become closer and closer to the TLM. That's my prediction. Time will tell who's right!


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