Friday, August 5, 2022

Of Pachamamas And Western Grannys

Taylor Marshall asked some questions about Francis (I don't know if I can call him pope any longer) and his obvious sin against the First Commandment.  First he asked if Francis can be called "Vicar of Christ" after this stunt, for in participating in pagan rites, he and the cardinals in attendance most likely excommunicated themselves.  Second, he asks how he could ban the Traditional Latin Mass yet still allow pachamama and western-granny idolatries to abound.  I don't think they are contradictory at all.  Everything he's done has as an objective the deconstruction of the One True Faith.  In actuality, that can never happen simply because God Himself cannot be moved aside.

Don't mess with this
western Granny!
Afterwards, Francis headed back to Rome on a plane and gave another interview.  Yep!  Here we go again - another episode of high-altitude-induced verbal diahrea!  Apparently we who hold to Tradition have "dead faith".  If by that he means that we don't believe in these pachamamas, western grandmothers, four directions, climate change and the such, I'll wear that badge with honor.  This is the same interview where he attempted verbal tap-dances in response to a question about contraception.  I touched on this Wednesday.  In that example of the death penalty, he called evil what the church has always held to be a good.  Now with contraception, it appears that he is preparing to call an intrinsic evil a good.  All this is heresy.  God's teachings cannot change for God Himself is immutable. 

Perhaps that is why he dislikes Latin.  Latin is a dead language.  The meanings of its vocabulary cannot change.  Thus prayers offered in Latin mean exactly the same as they meant centuries ago.  Here is an excellent article on the subject.

We must not only pray, but resist.  Attend the Latin Mass.  Withhold donations where the Latin Mass is restricted.

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