Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Joseph Maraachli - Requiescat In Pace

Baby Joseph Maraachli, who defied the mongers of death in the Canadian health and legal system (aided by the determination of his parents and pro-life leaders, most notably Father Pavone), died peacefully at home yesterday.  LifeSite News gives the final details; they too have been instrumental in spreading the news of Joseph's plight several months ago and caused an outcry that helped save him from a brutal and inhumane death.

He died in peace and dignity, surrounded by his family who loved him.  Most importantly, he was baptized in the Catholic faith.  Having been incapable of sin in his short life, he is now in heaven - by definition, he's a saint.

We pray for God's consolation for his family and in gratitude for their struggle - a struggle that will benefit those who will find themselves in Joseph's shoes as they face down the culture of death.  Let us also ask little Joseph's intercession for this, and for his intercession for Father Pavone and his current predicament.

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