Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Todd Stave - What A Guy!!

I hope it's clear that I'm being sarcastic in the title of this post.  Todd Stave is the landlord for the condo where Germantown Reproductive Health Services murders babies.  He and his sister, Nancy Stave Samuels, are trustees of the Norma A Testamentary Trust, which owns the Germantown condo and its sister abortion mill in Hyattsville, the Prince George's Reproductive Health Services (southeast corner of Riggs Rd and University Bvld).  Both of these were founded by Todd's and Nancy's father, the late Carl Stave (I shudder to think of where he presently is).

Operation Rescue details these, along with criminal behavior allegedly perpetrated by Todd himself (as if he needs to add to the already heinous crime of directly facilitating the murders of babies).

Maryland Coalition for Life instituted a letter-writing campaign to Todd Stave, asking him to close down his abortion mills and to get out of the business that he acquired from his own abortionist father, the late Carl Stave (important note - Todd Stave himself is not an abortionist.  He does directly profit from it, vis-a-vis the real estate aspects).  At the time of this writing, the letter-writing campaign is in abeyance, pending some logistical details being finalized.  One of the details has to do with alleged threats of retaliation (for letters?  sheesh!).

Look, we understand how a man like Todd Stave might not want to be bothered!  Observe the great pains he's taken to protect his private information by ever-so-discreetly publishing it on a website with the low-key name of www.toddstave.com.  C'mon, now!  Isn't that what everbody does who wants to stay out of the limelight?  Don't believe me?  Well, what's this, then?

If there are concerns that his contact information was obtained by electronic stealth and skulking about, let the preceding paragraph put such concerns to rest.

As you read the Operation Rescue article, you'll see a video where Stave attacked a pro-life demonstrator.  The venue of that was a September 13th protest at a parents' event at Robert Frost School in Rockville MD.  LifeSite News details it here.  If you cannot see that video, please click here.  The demonstrator plans to file charges.


  1. You're absolutely right, Janet. Why would anyone put their business phone number on their CV if they don't want anti-choice kooks harassing them at their kids' middle school Back To School Night?

    And kudos on the video. There's nothing as incriminating as video with no live sound showing a shakey view of the inside of an umbrella while subtitles tell you what's really happening. The Rodney King video was exactly the same.

    Why is the demonstrator only planning to file charges? There was already a police presence at the school, as noted by Rockville Patch at http://rockville.patch.com/articles/anti-abortion-demonstrators-greet-frost-students#photo-7555125.
    May I ask whether you yourself were at this farce?

    Does this mean that victims of clerical sex abuse can picket school plays featuring children of veterinarians who treat pets blessed on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi?

  2. No, I was not able to be there; else, my video would have been posted. But at the 45-48 second interval, you can see Stave's arm (might have to pause it).

    Why is the demonstrator only filing charges? Don't know. We'll see how that shakes out.

  3. The only thing you can see in that literally single frame at the :46 mark is that he's holding a camera. You can't see any motion or contact. Isn't it a rather stupid idea to attack someone when both victim and assailant are recording?
    Also, if the idea is to record embarrassing or incriminating images, why on earth does the camera pan up to the interior of the umbrella five seconds before the alleged attack is said to have occurred?
    And why not post the live sound from the incident? If there were indeed eyewitnesses, as you claim there were on the YouTube comment page (but how could you know for sure, since by your own admission you weren't there?), surely their audible reaction to such an assault would make a much more compelling soundtrack than that cheesy music that sounds like it was lifted from a NRA fundraising video circa 1997, would it not?

    Although I think my favorite part of this (aside from the desperation that would drive someone to picket the Back-To-School-Night of the child of the landlord of an abortion clinic) is in the OR report "Meanwhile, an Operation Rescue staff member was harassed with over a hundred text messages in a 48 hour period by a phone number originating from Stave’s area code. He was reported to the FBI as a possible suspect." Wait a minute...YOU live in Stave's area code! Olga Fairfax lives in Stave's area code! Thank goodness I no longer live there or I could be an FBI suspect too, along with you, Olga, Todd Stave, AND THE ENTIRE WESTERN HALF OF MARYLAND THAT LIVES IN TODD STAVE'S AREA CODE. Granted, that probably says more about OR's bad writing than any harassment or investigation, but it made me chuckle.

  4. Shame on you for criticizing this man for defending his already born child.

  5. Anon of March 30, Stave attacked a pro-life demonstrator at an evening "parents" event, when no children would have been present. Moreover, unless the demonstrator was attacking the child, Stave's actions cannot be called legitimate defense. Nice try, no cigar!!


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