Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gay Lifestyle Coddled By Some Bishops??

Michael Voris has been devoting his Vortex series to the question of why gays are being allowed to promote their lifestyle in Church-owned venues.  I'll post his latest video at the end, but let me say that I think that Voris might be understating the problem.  Not only are gays being given a free pass in too many churches, but we have received word that two priests who have had the God-given courage to proclaim the truth of that destructive lifestyle have been thrown under the bus by their respective bishops.

The case that was all over the Catholic pro-life news services last week involved Father Michael Rodreguez,  former pastor of San Juan Bautista Catholic Church in the Diocese of El Paso, Texas.  He published a four-part series in the El Paso Times that correctly set forth the Church's teaching regarding homosexualty.  This LifeSite News article links to each of the four columns.  Please note that these links are to pictures of the actual newspaper columns.  I read them and suggest you do so as well.  Notice that Father took great pains to distinguish between the person and the sin; he did so several times.  By the way - I said "former pastor" because the bishop reassigned him to another church.  The newspaper article doesn't name the church - how odd!  And this is not the first time that Bishop Ochoa has thrown Father Rodriguez under the bus - recall this incident!

Harsh though that is, the treatment meted out to an elderly Canadian priest who preached the truth is outright draconian.  Again from LifeSite News we read of the plight of Father Donat Gionet of the Diocese of Bathurst in New Brunswick.  This priest spoke truth about the gay lifestyle, abortion and cohabitation in a homily last month.  While the local chancery admitted that Father proclaimed the truth, they claimed he lacked "the proper pastoral sensitivity".  So in their own display of sensitivity, they suspended the faculties of this 85-year old priest who has spent all his life in priestly service to God and the Church!  An important aside - when you hear some cowardly bishop or chancery blather on about being "pastoral" and/or "sensitive", understand that those are thinly-disguised code-words for cowardice and/or boot-licking for money/favors, etc.

These two incidents, coupled with what happened to Father Pavone, sure makes me think that an ominous pattern of behavior is being made manifest in some chanceries.  Where will it strike next?

Now here's the Vortex clip.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.


  1. May God bless all of his creation - gay, straight, curved, flippy, or floppy. Humanity is one! May we all love each other!

  2. Again, Brother Peter, you err. God cannot bless those who engage in grave, manifest sin, for such would actually be to the detriment of such an individual. Let us exercise true charity and pray that those in that demonic trap known as the gay lifestyle will have the grace to repent and leave that destructive morass.


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