Thursday, September 29, 2011

California Students Punished For Displaying Common Courtesy

When someone sneezes around us, who of us doesn't immediately reply "God bless you"?  OK, maybe some don't, but either way it's no big deal.  Certainly if someone says the phrase to you after you sneeze, you probably would thank them or at least take no offense - right?

Well, not at Will C Wood High School in Vacaville, CA.  A health teacher there named Steve Cuckovich finds the phrase to be "disrespectful and disruptive".  Yep!  He's so hell-bent on eradicating this societal blight that he has knocked 25 points off the grade of any student so engaged in such horrid behavior!  Read this, and google other sources if you're so inclined.

Naturally parents (and others with common sense) are outraged.  The school, at this time, cannot be reached for comment.  It has been said that Cuckovich has back-peddled on the grade penalization and is considering "other punishment".  I'm still trying to discern just what is the punishable offense here?  Could it just be a power-trip?  A chance to inflict atheist practices on kids?  Might he be just a nut-job?  Maybe a combination of all three?

Mr Steve Cuckovich does come across as a curmudgeonly grouch.  He needs some cheering up - so let's do it!  The school's address is:

Will C. Wood High School
998 Marshall Road
Vacaville, CA  95687   (phone 707-453-6900, fax 707-451-3656, website

To that address, send a cheery little note to Steve Cuckovich.  If you really want to keep it brief, just say to him, "God bless you!"  If you prefer sending an email, go to and scroll down to his name to create an email.

God bless all of you!

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