Friday, September 9, 2011

Maryland Catholic Conference Shames Itself Again

My colleague at A Washingto DC Catholic has it dead-on correct in his post today about the Maryland Catholic Conference's attempt to shove through the DREAM Act.  Those of you who use Facebook can search "Justice for Maryland Immigrants" to see this for yourselves.

Most of the 9-11 hijackers were here illegally - mostly on expired visas, I understand.  This CNN article states that the INS mailed out Mohammed Atta's approved student visa - 6 months after he led his gang in murdering over 3000 people.  Why did he apply for a student visa?  To attend aviation school - to learn to use his weapon of mass destruction. But I digress.

Getting back to the point - Again my colleague has it spot-on when he opined that the MCC is simply following the Obama principle (it's really an Alinskyan principle) to not waste a crisis.  To them "crisis" means "opportunity to promote a progressive cause".  They got that right out of the playbook!


  1. Um ... this post is very disrepectful and discourteous to others. Jesus ate with sinners and tax collectors -- the unwanted member of this society -- and he told us to imitate his examples. Children of undocumented immigrants are those "sinners" and "tax collectors." Share a meal with them. Make sure they get a proper education. Maybe one of them will find the cure for cancer one day, or will be pope, or will be a great athlete. It's not "progressive" or "conservative," it's common sense and humanity.

  2. Dear Anon of 10:58 who is also known as "Brother Peter" (I know what ip address from which you wrote your four comments!), please understand a few things. First, both the other blogger and I state quite emphatically that the Maryland Catholic Conference, in exploiting the 9-11 violence to promote the DREAM Act, slapped in the face the families of the 9-11 victims whose loved ones were murdered by terrorists, many of them here illegally.
    Second, while Jesus ate with sinners, He never rewarded their sinful activity, which the DREAM Act will do.
    Third, charity can never be accomplished by shaking down one individual to give to another individual. The Maryland Catholic Conference, along with many others, shares this "Robin Hood" mentality that is the antithesis of true Christian charity.


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