Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More "Civility" From The Progressives And Their Union Rotweillers

Jimmy Hoffa Jr made quite the fool of himself as he warmed up the crowd in Detroit last week for Obama.  Not to be outdone, the Messiah Most Miserable proceeded to make a colossal ass of himself, but that was this morning's post.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Tea Party is having a measurable impact.  Else, these barbarians wouldn't be losing their marbles and going ballistic in public.  A few weeks ago, I posted Maxine Walters doing the same thing.  Please review that, and then go to that link of the SEIU debacle of last spring.

Michelle Malkin, in honor of Labor Day, compiled quite an anthology of union thugs behaving as oafs and morons and yes, as lawless felons.

Now will someone - puleezz! - tell me why the USCCB, Just Faith, etc insist on singing the praises of these reincarnations of the gangs of Al Capone?  Or do we already know the none-too-pretty answer to that?

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