Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Focus On The Family - RIP

That's exactly the direction that this once-respectable pro-life organization is headed, if it continues to swill down the "common-ground" koolaid.   Yes, yes, I'm afraid it's true.  Current FotF president Jim Daly says that he has been meeting with pro-abortion groups to "reduce the number of abortions".

At best, it's a collassal waste of time.  Inherent in the purpose of "reducing the number of abortions" is the premise that we must settle for some number of abortions.  Think of the analogous scenario from our nation's past, when slavery was legal.  Can we take seriously the notion that abolitionists should have sat down with slave-holders and discussed "reducing the number of slaves"?  It's ridiculous, for some things are never tolerable.  We seek to eliminate evil, not reduce it.

I strongly suspect that the pro-aborts with whom Daly is "dialoging" are doing so just to waste the time and resources of Focus on the Family.  Should they succeed in so doing, the blame will lie on the shoulders of Jim Daly.  The fact is that there is no "common ground" between good and evil, between murder and life, between Satan and God.

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