Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rosa DeLauro Wastes Catholic Newsprint

Catholic News Service, the propaganda arm media outlet of the USCCB, conducted an interview of Rosa DeLauro, Democratic Congresswoman from Connecticut.  Because her name has a familiar sound to me, I looked her up on my blog.  Sure enough, I posted about her in the past.  She and a gang of other CINO pro-abortion politicians wrote an open letter to Cardinal McCarrick demanding that he not deny them Holy Communion simply because they support the murder of babies (minor matter, that!).  As I said before, they need not have bothered, but I digress!

She's taking the opportunity to rip into the budget proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan.  It seems that his budget cuts too much into the socialistic "social justice" pet projects of both the progressives in Congress and the progressives in the USCCB.  She also tears into Archbishop Dolan for his leadership in opposing the encroachment of the religious freedoms of real Catholics by the Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless (one of whom was being interviewed by CNS).  Perhaps some elements of the USCCB are embarrassed by the Archbishop and feel they must make nice-nice to the CINO cabal in Congress.

If the Catholic Church in the US wants to slash its expenditures and redirect them to charity, they'd do well to abolish the USCCB.  What a waste of Catholic dollars!

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