Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet "Mister Uterus" !

A pro-life group, while touring and displaying the truth of abortion on college campuses, met a young man at Florida State University who dubbed himself "Mr Uterus".  He proclaimed "no uterus, no opinion".  He then promptly fell all over himself as he tried to justify his own voicing of his opinion.  Watch the amusing spectacle here if you can't see embedded video.

With all due respect to Mr Uterus, he is not alone in his acts of buffoonery.  As we have offered Christian witness at the Silver Spring Planned Parenthood, we have met several young men who were determined to make fools of themselves; I've posted these episodes in the past.  In this one, you'll become acquainted with Bob the Fetus "god".  Then we had a fellow whom I'll call "Bimbo Boy"; you'll see why.  I know these fellows think they're making bold statements, but all they're really doing is making colossal fools of themselves.  But that's to be expected when one is so foolish as to support a lie.

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