Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Humanae Vitae - Are The Bishops FINALLY Going To Teach It?

Christopher Manion wrote an excellent piece for Crisis Magazine linking the Church's present quagmire over the HHS mandate mess with the 45-year failure of the bishops to heed the message of Humanae Vitae and to teach it.   He also details how the bishops, in glomming onto the "social justice" bandwagon, abdicated their real roles in preaching the Gospel and teaching authentic morality.

In an interview within the past few days with the Wall Street Journal, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, New York Archbishop and president of the USCCB, frankly admitted this monstrous dereliction of duty on the part of the bishops over the years.  I have to give him credit for this admission.  Now the real question is, how will he rectify this episcopal short-coming?

During the past five years, a priest of my acquaintance offered a class to his parish on Humanae Vitae.  Moreover, he preached from the pulpit at Sunday masses on the topic, making plain the Church's teaching.  Needless to say, the complaints started rolling into his pastor's office and the priest was summarily shipped off to "diocesan siberia".  I can give no further details without jeopardizing Father.  Will this sort of maltreatment of good priests end?  If the situation at St John Neumann with Father Guarnizo is any indication, it will end only if Cardinal Dolan and perhaps the Holy Father himself read the Riot Act to the bishops who'd rather be politicians than shepherds, who fear a few angry phone calls more than their God.

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